Technology The Pokémon GO Safari Zone generates 9.1 million euros directly for Seville

The Pokémon GO Safari Zone generates 9.1 million euros directly for Seville

Pokémon GO Safari Zone – NIANTIC

The safari zone of Pokémon GO Held in Seville between May 13 and 15, it generated 9.1 million euros directly for the city of Seville thanks to the combined expenditure of the more than 20,000 attendees at the event and the company in its development.

The study in charge of Pokémon GO, NianticLabschose the Alamillo Park in Seville to carry out its first Safari Zone in Spain between May 13 and 15.

Niantic announced at the end of June that the event left an economic impact of 22.4 million dollars in Seville, about 21.3 million euros at the time the forecasts were known. The report carried out by Statista and sent by the study to Europa Press has raised this figure slightly to 22.5 million dollars, 20.7 million euros at the exchange rate at the time of its preparation.

These 20.7 million euros were raised in various ways. Directly, the Pokémon GO event generated 9.1 million euros thanks to the combined expense of those attending the event and the company itself in its development.

indirectly, the Seville Safari Zone produced revenues of 6.5 million euros through the impact of suppliers. In turn, the study calculates a turnover of another 5.1 million euros for household spending induced by employees who worked for the companies involved in the event.

For the public coffers, the celebration of the Safari Zone also meant an income of 9.4 million euros in taxes and the creation of 462 jobs in sectors such as accommodation, transport or restaurants.


The Seville Safari Zone welcomed more than 20,000 trainers, aged mainly between 25 and 44 years old (70%), although the representation of participants of all age groups stands out.

On average, each visitor spent 407 euros, on accommodation, transport and food, but also on purchases and visits to points of interest in the city. In the event, trainers walked an average of 11.25 kilometers and caught more than 6.3 million Pokémon.

The 93 percent of the attendees came from outside Seville. Of this data, 36 percent came from other parts of Spain and 57 percent from other countries, with the United States (9%) as the most represented followed by Germany (8%), the United Kingdom (8%) and France. (6%).

Participants found out about the event mainly through the Pokémon Go app (81%) and the game’s website (38%), although social networks, such as Twitter (23%) and Facebook (12%), also helped. to its promotion, as well as word of mouth (25%).

The report also highlights that one in three visitors to the Safari Zone stated that they would return to Seville in the next twelve months. In addition, more than 80 percent of people who visited the city for the first time considered it a good or very good hostess.

Source: Europa Press



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