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The Peruvian native community of Cuninico releases the boat in which they held 70 tourists

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The native community of Cuninico, in north-central Peru, has released a boat in which they had been holding a group of 70 tourists for more than 30 hours on the Maranon River.

The group reported that it had retained the boat as a method of protest against the neglect they say they suffer from the Government in climate matters after an oil spill in mid-September.

As detailed by Galo Vasquez, the main representative of the communities, he has indicated that the release of the tourists, among whom were at least 30 minors, occurs after the Government has agreed to re-establish the dialogue table apart from the next week.

“We invite you to stay with us so that we can explain the reason for this mobilization. In addition, so that you know in the place how we are living so that, at least, you consider and have an opinion or information about it,” Vasquez said, according to collect PTR.

The native community of Cuninico belongs to the district of Urarinas in the province of Loreto, and they claim that two children and a woman have died in the area due to oil spills from a 40-year-old pipeline in the Cuninico River.

The pipeline, which transports oil from the Amazon region to the northwestern city of Piura, has been the scene of several oil spills in recent years. According to the latest reports, the last oil spill of about 2,500 barrels in the Cuninico River took place on September 16.



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