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    The pass in Colombia: updated costs, requirements and how to process it

    A traffic police officer controls traffic in Bogota, Colombia, on January 10, 2022.Anadolu Agency (Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

    Car drivers in Colombia must have a driver’s license according to the type of vehicle they drive. The Colombian Government makes available to citizens all the requirements that they will have to meet to carry out the application process; It offers details and clarifies doubts with the aim of speeding up the process for users. This driver’s license is a public document that can be obtained from the age of 16.

    What are the types of driving licenses in Colombia?

    The driving pass classes in Colombia are designed based on the type of car that the resident drives, ranging from motorcycles to trucks or private buses or public transport. All the categories are broken down below:

    A1 and A2

    The A pass is issued to motorcycle drivers. Type 1 or 2 will depend on the displacement of the motorcycle’s engine: A1 is for low-cylinder motorcycles, which does not exceed a liter and a quarter of gasoline under the seat. The A2 license is for all those who exceed this capacity.

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    B1, B2 and B3


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    This pass is perhaps the most common among Colombians, the B1 being specifically the one that is granted to drivers of cars, campervans or four-motor vehicles, vans and private minibuses. The B2 corresponds to the permit that is given to drivers of trucks and private service buses. And B3 for individuals of articulated vehicles and tractor-trailers. Users must verify in all cases that their vehicles are not for public use.

    C1, C2 and C3

    Unlike class B permits, category C corresponds to vehicles for public use, that is, public transport. In such a way that the C1 pass is intended for those who drive cars, trucks, campervans or ATVs and minibuses that offer public transport services. The C2 license is also for drivers, but for automobiles such as trucks and buses; while the C3 is aimed at those who drive articulated trucks for public transport.

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    The Colombian Ministry of Transport indicates that the user of a C3 license has the permit to drive any vehicle described in the lower categories (C2, C1, B3, B2, B1), except those of type A, which only cover motorcycles.

    Requirements to request a driving license in Colombia

    • The Ministry of Transportation asks those who request the driver’s pass to provide the registration number to the Single National Transit Registry (RUNT) that is processed in the authorized Transit Organizations of the Colombian Government. The applicant will have to code the fingerprint of the index finger and sign electronically. The system will enable an individual folio number for each applicant.
    • The approval of the theoretical and practical exams and the corresponding certificate are required. In addition, have the endorsement of the motor coordination test for driving motorized vehicles.
    • Have a driving aptitude certificate issued by one of the authorized Automotive Training Centers.
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    How much does the pass cost in Colombia and where to make the payment?

    The current cost of the driving pass in Colombia is:

    • Automobiles: $196,400
    • Motorcycles: $163,800

    The payment of the driving pass right must be made at the bank ticket offices located at the service points of the Transit and Mobility Secretariats where the interested party carries out the procedure.

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