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    NewsMiddle EastThe Palestinian Government says that the future Israeli Executive "threatens to sabotage" the possibilities of peace

    The Palestinian Government says that the future Israeli Executive “threatens to sabotage” the possibilities of peace

    Archive – Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al Maliki – Hannibal Hanschke/Reuters Images / DPA – File

    MADRID, November 28 (EUROPA PRESS) –

    The Palestinian government has highlighted this Monday that the prime minister in charge of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, must assume “total and direct responsibility” for the actions and positions of the next Executive, before adding that future Israeli policies “threaten to sabotage any opportunity for revive the peace process”.

    The Palestinian Foreign Ministry has indicated in a statement that Netanyahu “is primarily responsible for applying these racist and extremist policies” and has stressed that he has “direct responsibility” for the “actions and positions of his far-right partners”, including Itamar Ben Gvir and Bezalel Smotrich.

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    Thus, he has stressed that ‘Bibi’ “will not be able to hide his hostility towards peace by hiding behind the racism and extremism of Ben Gvir”, while warning of the “disastrous repercussions” on the ground of the inclusion of this type of political figures in the next Government of Israel.

    “Our people remain firm in their homeland and adhere to their just and legitimate national rights,” he said, while stressing that the Palestinian government “will continue its political and diplomatic movement within the international legal framework to reveal the mentality colonial and racist (of the Israeli authorities)”.

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    The Palestinian Foreign Ministry already warned on Sunday about the danger posed to the status of the Al Aqsa mosque by the agreement between Netanyahu’s Likud and Otzma Yehudi, led by Ben Gvir, accused in the past of inciting violence and inciting tensions with the Palestinians.

    Thus, Otzma Yehudi will receive three portfolios, including Public Security, which will be renamed National Security and will have extended powers to include authorities previously dispersed among various government offices. At the head of it will be Ben Gvir himself.

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    Within the framework of its efforts to form the new government in Israel, the Likud signed an agreement on Sunday with the far-right party Noam by which it grants this formation, known for its open rejection of homosexuality, powers related to immigration policies, of citizenship and nationalization.

    The Likud-led bloc, which has the support of ultra-Orthodox and far-right parties, has 64 of the 120 seats in the Knesset after the November 1 elections, so Netanyahu has an open path to return to office less than two years after his electoral defeat.


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