NewsLatin AmericaThe old face of Lafaurie: "Petro is a thief, a Marxist, a terrorist."

The old face of Lafaurie: “Petro is a thief, a Marxist, a terrorist.”

The new member of the government negotiating team and president of the Colombian Cattlemen’s Federation (Fedegan), Jose Felix Lafaurie, was a great critic of President Gustavo Petro, who appointed him as part of the team that will negotiate in Caracas with the National Liberation Army (THE N).

These ten sentences show the intensity of those criticisms in the past:

About Petro

1. “Who is the real Nazi? If we are going to talk about Nazis, Gustavo Petro’s profile fits perfectly.” (Twitter, March 30, 2022)

2. “Republican congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar could not have described it better: Petro is “a thief, a socialist, a Marxist, a terrorist”. Has the malevolent cockroach become sentimental yet (already victimized himself)?” (Twitter, November 17, 2021)

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3. “Petro is perfectly capable of many crazy things, even turning Colombia into another society of zombies condemned to stand in line to claim a box of food. What else can be expected from Chavez’s economic adviser? (Twitter, December 10, 2021)

4. “With Petro, Colombia will have its first far-left president with an openly populist and fiscally lax agenda, much like other left-wing rulers in Latin America.” (Twitter, June 20, 2022)

5. “Petro’s economic proposals: print more bills and tax 4,000 Colombians to solve the country’s fiscal problems. Will he be among those rich? I say it because of his mansion, because he has his family in Europe and his vacation at Walt Disney World ”. (Twitter, July 14, 2021)

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On the negotiations with the guerrillas

1. “Fedegan has always assumed a critical position in the face of this type of negotiation. On this occasion, what we have done is maintain a coherent position. The guerrilla classifies us as enemies of peace” (Livestock ContextDecember 28, 2012).

2. “When you end up negotiating with the criminals, in this case with the narcoterrorists, tomorrow with the same logic you will negotiate with the bacrim or with the ‘farcrim’.” (The HeraldFebruary 25, 2013)

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3. “They are already pushing the negotiations with the ELN. We are on our way to the strengthened guerrilla coordinator.” (Twitter, March 23, 2013)

4. “Will they end up negotiating with the ELN? Well, they will also demand the same. And the Gaitanista Defenses. The Constitution at the service of crime”. (Twitter, May 13, 2016)

5. “The increase in terrorist acts by the ELN is a lesson learned to subdue weak governments. On May 10 another round in Quito!” (Twitter, April 30, 2017)

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