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The new OnePlus Watch 2 offers a battery of up to 100 hours of autonomy and WearOS operating system

The new OnePlus Watch 2 offers a battery of up to 100 hours of autonomy and WearOS operating system

OnePlus has presented its new ‘smartwatch’ OnePlus Watch 2, that stands out for its performance with processors Snapdragon W5 and BES 2700 MCUas well as its battery with a autonomy of up to 100 hoursand for integrating the latest version of the operating system WearOS by Google.

Within the framework of Mobile World Congress technological eventwhich takes place from this Monday to Thursday, February 29 in Barcelona, ​​the technology company has announced its new wearable device under the motto ‘Never settle’ (never settle), with which it promises top-quality ‘hardware’ and ‘software’ in a smartwatch designed to “help users achieve everything they set out to do.”

It is the new OnePlus Watch 2 which, as the technology company has stressed, integrates a self-developed dual architecture, powered by two high-end processors. On the one hand, the chip Snapdragon W5, focused on performance and, on the other, the efficiency processor MCU BES 2700.

Thus, the Snapdragon W5 is activated for powerful tasks such as running Google applications. However, the BES 2700 MCU chip is used to handle background activities and simpler tasks.

Along with this dual architecture, the OnePlus Watch 2 integrates the latest version of Google’s Wear OS operating system (Wear OS 4). As the company has detailed, it is a hybrid interface that manages the transition between both processors, allowing users an experience with “fast and fluid” performance.

This has been stated in this regard by the Google’s senior director of product and design for Wear OS, John Renaldi, who has stated that, through this collaboration, the ‘smartwatch’ changes between the low-consumption motor and the high-performance one “without much effort” to offer a “premium” experience and with expanded features for “optimized battery life.”

In this sense, the ‘smartwatch’ also stands out for its 500 mAh batteryable to obtain a full charge in one hour and an autonomy of up to 100 hours of continuous use with all functionalities accessible in Smart mode. Likewise, the watch reaches 48 hours of autonomy with intensive use. It also has 7.5W VOOC fast charging.

With all this, the new OnePlus Watch 2 has been presented with a configuration of its 2GB of RAM and 32GB of ROMwith which the company ensures a “large storage capacity” to guarantee its operation at all times.

Regarding its design, it has been created with a round dial with a size of 46mm following the lines of its predecessor. Your screen is 1.43-inch AMOLED. It also includes a rotating crown with which to navigate the device and a button located in each corner of one of the sides.

Specifically, the company has specified that it shares a design with the OnePlus 12 “K-shaped” series of smartphones, and the dial “echoes the series’ camera ornament.”

Likewise, it is a resistant device that includes a cover of 2.5D sapphire crystal against scratches and its body is made of stainless steel. Following this line, it includes IP68 resistance and 5ATM water resistance. In fact, it is certified to the latest US military standard MIL-STD-810H.


Regarding its functionalities, OnePlus has indicated that, thanks to its combination of ‘hardware’ and ‘software’, the ‘smartwatch’ is capable of providing information related to health and physical exercise, as it allows the collection and analysis of data from complete health with OHealth app.

Likewise, OnePlus has explained that, now, OHealth also supports Android’s Health Connect, Therefore, it allows you to manage data from multiple health applications and devices from the same platform.

In addition to all this, through OHealth it includes tracking modes for more than 100 sports, such as badminton, running, tennis and skiing, among others, offering health data related to said sport. For example, using race mode, users can track data such as ground contact time, ground balance, and the maximum amount of oxygen the organism can absorb.

On the other hand, the OnePlus Watch 2 also integrates improvements in location tracking, since it has a Dual frequency GPSwith the ability to receive FPS L5 signals as well as L1 signals.

Another function that the ‘wearable’ offers is the sleep monitoring, which includes a record of deep sleep, light sleep and REM sleep, as well as insomnia times and respiratory rate while the user sleeps. Thanks to all this, it allows us to provide a sleep quality score and an evaluation of the risk of snoring. Likewise, it allows monitor stress levels.


Using Wear OS, the OnePlus Watch 2 has already default Google applications, as is the case of Maps, Assistant, Wallet and Calendaras well as support for other third-party applications.

As the company has developed, this allows coexistence with the new functions that come to Google applications, such as the directions to use public transport from the watch.

Likewise, with technology OnePlus Fast Pairusers can easily configure the OnePlus Watch 2 with their compatible Android smartphone, allowing calls, messages or accessing reminders “from the wrist.”

Thus, three years after the launch of the OnePlus Watch in 2021, the technology company has presented its predecessor, which is now available for purchase in Europe, India and North America in the colors black and steel, from 329 euros.



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