TechnologyThe new game of Captain America and Black Panther, protagonist together with World of Heroes of Disney's D23

The new game of Captain America and Black Panther, protagonist together with World of Heroes of Disney’s D23

The new game starring Captain America and Black Panther, among others, which still has no date or name. – SKYDANCE NEW MEDIA.

The new game of Captain America Y Black Panther has starred alongside the augmented reality title announced by Marvel Y Niantic, World of Heroesthe presentation of videogames framed in the D23 exhibition of Disney.

The company has taken advantage of its annual event D23 Expo, which on this occasion has been held between September 9 and 11, to publicize the playable news of some of its most popular franchises.

Captain America and Black Panther are two of the protagonists of one of the titles announced here. Skydance New Media is in charge of developing a game that, according to Marvel on its website, is set in World War II. The former creative director of the franchise Uncharted, amy henniglead this project.

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This title, which does not yet have an official name, will narrate an original story and offer the possibility of playing with up to four characters at different points in it. In addition to steve rogers Y AzzurriT’Challa’s grandfather, includes the American soldier gabriel jones and the leader of the Wakanda spy ring, Nanali.

Without leaving the Marvel universe, the event has also welcomed the announcement of the alliance between this and Nianticthe study behind the development of pokemon go. Both collaborate on World of Heroesa new augmented reality mobile game.

Marvel has explained that players will be able to become a superhero for “patrol their neighborhoods” looking for crimes, as well as completing missions and taking down threats”interdimensional“. Its launch is planned for 2023.

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For its part, the imminent strategy game developed by Firaxis Games, Marvel’s Midnight Sunswill finally come out on December 2 after suffering several delays.

This new title will be available from that date on PC, Xbox Series X and S and PS5. Previous generation consoles, Xbox One and PS4, will have to wait with switch until the release framework for these platforms is announced.

Disney also bets on card games. Proof of it is Marvel Snapa title that has been announced for mobile phones and computers, which will arrive on October 18 after landing in the closed beta phase on Android last May.

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Beyond Marvel, the Tron universe has also joined the Disney announcements. Is about Tron: Identitya visual novel in which players must forge alliances and make “critical” decisions to navigate a world “without a creator”, according to its Steam page.

Tron: Identity will arrive throughout 2023 from the studio Bithell Games who leads Mike Bithellcreator of independent titles such as Thomas Was Alone.

Return to Monkey Island, Ron Gilbert’s game that will arrive on September 19 on PC and Switch, will have a scrapbook within the game itself. Thanks to this, players will be able to access the most relevant moments of the franchise, whose last title hit the market over a decade ago.

Source: Europa Press


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