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The Minister of Development and Social Inclusion of Peru announces that she will not be part of the new cabinet

The Minister of Social Development and Social Inclusion, Dina Boluarte – THE COMMERCE / ZUMA PRESS / CONTACT PHOTO

The Minister for Development and Social Inclusion, Dina Boluarte, has announced that she will not be part of the next ministerial cabinet shortly after President Pedro Castillo swore in Betssy Chavez as the country’s new Prime Minister, replacing Anibal Torres.

“After deep reflection, I have no doubt that the current polarization harms everyone, especially the ordinary citizen who seeks to get out of the political and economic crisis,” the Peruvian vice president also specified on her official Twitter profile.

Boluarte has thus confirmed that she will leave the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion, a portfolio she held since July 29, 2021, although she will remain in her position as vice president, as reported by the newspaper ‘La Republica’.

Boluarte is facing a complaint filed by the Avanza Pais congresswoman, Norma Yarrow, who assures that the Peruvian vice president would have infringed articles 38 and 126 of the Constitution, thus committing crimes of omission, refusal or delay of functional acts, as well as prevarication during his time as head of the board of directors of the Apurimac Departmental Club.

The ‘number two’ of the Peruvian Government questions that the parliamentarian “is a judge and part of the constitutional accusation procedure” and asked the president of the Subcommittee on Constitutional Accusations (SAC) of the Congress of the country, Lady Camones, to remove the congresswoman .

The Peruvian president, Pedro Castillo, has to designate the rest of the ministerial Cabinet in the next few hours in what is already a new turnaround in a particularly troubled national policy, marked in recent months by incessant motions of no confidence and voluntary departures. of ministers.

The latest episode of political instability in Peru occurred on Thursday night when former Prime Minister Torres submitted his resignation after Congress refused to modify the law that limits referendum calls in the country.



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