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The military refuse to support Pedro Castillo and leave him on the verge of dismissal

The police block the streets that lead to the Congress in Lima, Peru, this Wednesday, in which Pedro Castillo has announced the dissolution of the chamber.Martin Mejia (AP)

Peru lives its most uncertain hours. The Armed Forces have announced that they do not support what has been described as a “self-coup” by the president, Pedro Castillo, by surprisingly announcing the dissolution of Congress and the creation of an exceptional government. Without the support of the military, the president is left alone and on the verge of impeachment.

In a joint statement, the Armed Forces and the Peruvian national police announced to respect the established constitutional order. “Article 134 of the Political Constitution establishes that the President of the Republic is empowered to dissolve Congress if it has censured or denied his confidence in two councils of ministers. Any act contrary to the established constitutional order constitutes an infringement of the Constitution and generates non-compliance by the armed forces and the national police,” the text reads.

An hour earlier, Castillo had read with a trembling voice and watery eyes his decision to dissolve Congress, which he has been accusing for months of disloyal opposition. Castillo’s party is in the minority in the Chamber, as has happened to all previous presidents, since there are hardly any political parties in Peru, everything is very fragmented. Alberto Fujimori, who has gone down in history as an autocrat, did something similar in 1992, but unlike Castillo, he did have the backing of the military.

The armed forces have made it clear to Castillo that it was possible to do what he did, but that it was not the right one and that is why they do not support him. In the same statement, they ask the public to remain calm and trust in the “legally established” State institutions. They end with a harangue: “We remain united, firm and dignified. Always!”.

If Castillo falls in the next few hours, as many analysts predict, the question remains as to who assumes the presidency. The president of Congress? The vice presidency? “It is a very volatile situation, everything can break down very quickly. There are passions, malevolence and demons on the loose”, explains Gustavo Gorriti, writer and journalist. It is very difficult to predict what will happen in the next few hours. The rapid promotion of the vice presidency and the creation of a cabinet could calm the situation and settle the most uncertain hours of Peru.

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