Lifestyle The metabolic profile of patients can define the prognosis of Covid-19

The metabolic profile of patients can define the prognosis of Covid-19

The metabolic profile of patients can define the prognosis of Covid-19, which would facilitate the identification of those who will evolve into a severe or moderate disease, according to a study by the National Center for Microbiology of the Spanish Carlos III Health Institute (CNM-ISCIII). .c

The results of the work, which also addresses the different response to Covid-19 between men and women, are published in the journal Frontiers in Immunologyin an article in which it is described that the immune action derived from SARS-CoV-2 infection generates a cascade of metabolic alterations specific to different severe forms of covid.

This suggests -said the researchers- the existence of metabolic profiles that could predict the evolution and severity of the disease.

Maria Ángeles Jimenez Sousa and Amanda Fernandez Rodriguez lead a team at the CNM-ISCIII that analyzes the genetic and molecular mechanisms that define the clinical evolution and severity of this disease, reports a statement from the center.

To carry out the research, the metabolomic profiles and inflammatory markers in the plasma of 123 patients with covid-19 in different degrees of severity, from asymptomatic to moderate and severe cases, have been analyzed.

The work has been carried out in collaboration with various hospitals in the Community of Madrid.

Metabolism is the set of chemical reactions that occur in the cells of the human body to obtain energy from nutrients and that they can carry out their functions.

The results confirm that several metabolic routes, such as those related to the metabolism of amino acids and nitrogen, among others, mark different patterns in the evolution of the disease, and that one of these profiles of metabolic deregulation caused by SARS-CoV-2 associated with a specific stage of severe disease.

In this way, the scientists pointed out that analyzing the metabolic profile of patients admitted to the hospital with covid would make it possible to identify who will evolve into a severe or moderate disease.

They added that this specific metabolic profile associated with severe disease is strongly influenced by the sex of the patient, which provides new evidence of the different response to this disease between men and women.

This is one of the first studies to describe the differences in the metabolomic and inflammatory profiles between men and women before the disease can progress to mild, moderate or severe forms, according to the CNM-ISCIII.

The metabolic profile of patients with Covid-19 at the beginning of the disease can be a tool to unravel the molecular pathogenesis of SARS-CoV-2 and improve the knowledge and clinical management of the infection, the researchers concluded.



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