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The map with the favorite brands in each autonomous community: the duel between Coca Cola and El Pozo in Spain

The map with the favorite brands in each autonomous community: the duel between Coca Cola and El Pozo in Spain

What brands are the most consumed in Spain? Which is the favorite in your autonomous community? How many households buy Coca Cola, Bimbo, Danone or El Pozo products? These and other questions can be answered with the revelations of Brand Footprint 2023, a report that includes the presence of consumer brands in more than 50 countries, including Spain.

Recently published by Kantar, a data analysis and consulting company, it is “the largest global study of consumer brands” and collects data from 37,000 brands in 53 countries around the world and with a reach of 73% of the global population. according to the signature

In the case of Spain, it analyzes the 50 most popular consumer brands in the country, based on consumer contacts (CRP). Together they reach 99.9% of Spanish households and are present in almost one in every 4 consumer baskets, while half of them are Spanish.

Coca Cola is at the forefront of all brands in Spainthanks to a figure of 130.7 million contacts with the consumer (18% more than the second), which derives from multiplying a penetration of 70.5% (proportion of households that buy the brand at least once a year), a purchase frequency of 9.9 (times each household purchases it annually) and a household population of 18.7 million.

The private label corners the manufacturer on the supermarket shelves

This is the ranking of the favorite brands in Spainaccording to the number of contacts with the consumer collected by Brand Footprint 2023:

  1. Coca Cola: 130.69 million contacts with the consumer (CRP)
  2. The hole: 110.86 million CRP
  3. Asturian Dairy Center: 97.99 million CRP
  4. campofrio: 85.54 million
  5. Rooster: 61.51 million
  6. Bimbo: 54.75 million
  7. activate: 46.34 million
  8. danone: 46.30 million
  9. pescanova: 46.13 million
  10. don simon: 46.09 million contacts with the consumer

Outside of these 10 consumer brands most chosen by the Spanish population, but within the top 50, there are other famous ones such as Casa Tarradellas, Puleva, Nestle, Gallina Blanca, Fanta, Mahou, Colgate, Lays, Fairy, Pascual, Aquarius, Nescafe, Milka, Pepsi, Cheetos, Calvo, Nivea, Cola Cao, Evax, La Casera and Philadelphia.

Furthermore, regarding the ranking by sectors, the leading brands in Spain in consumption within the home (at home) are as follows:

Brand Footprint 2023/Kantar

Which are the preferred brands in each autonomous community of Spain

Brand Footprint 2023 also includes which are the consumer brands most chosen by Spaniards in each of the autonomous communities, which shows an even ‘duel’ between Coca Cola (of the multinational of American origin) and El Pozo (a Spanish company power supply), as can be seen on this map.

Leading brands in Spain, by autonomous community.
Leading brands in Spain, by autonomous community.

In this ranking region of the preferred brands in Spain, it is observed that Coca Cola and El Pozo share leadership in terms of the number of autonomous communities (6) in which they are the most chosen, within those that have at least 80% of their turnover in a single region.

Coca Cola predominates in Catalonia, the Valencian Community, Aragon, the Balearic Islands, Cantabria and the Community of Madrid, while El Pozo is number 1 in Navarra, Castilla-La Mancha, Extremadura, Murcia, Andalusia and the Canary Islands.

In the rest of Spain, campofrio leads in 2 autonomous communities (Castilla y Leon and the Basque Country), the same amount as Asturian Dairy Center (Asturias and La Rioja), while Larsa it is number 1 in Galicia and repeats as the only regional brand to achieve first place.

Finally, the report includes other main conclusions that El Pozo is once again the brand that enters more homes (73.6% penetration), Lay’s is the first in Food outside the home, Platanos de Canarias leads the ranking de Frutas y Verduras and Nestle stands out for being the main manufacturer and the one that introduces the most brands into the top 50 in Spain.



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