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    NewsLatin AmericaThe majority of Peruvians believe that Castillo hinders the Prosecutor's Office because he is guilty of crimes, according to a survey

    The majority of Peruvians believe that Castillo hinders the Prosecutor’s Office because he is guilty of crimes, according to a survey

    File – Peruvian President Pedro Castillo – EL COMERCIO / ZUMA PRESS / CONTACTOPHOTO – File

    62 percent of the Peruvian population considers that the president, Pedro Castillo, is hindering the work of the Prosecutor’s Office because he is guilty of the crimes that are being investigated, according to a survey by the Ipsos demographic company.

    According to the study, prepared for the newspaper ‘El Comercio’, the majority of the population surveyed believes that the president would be guilty of the crimes of obstruction of justice, personal concealment, or corruption due to the illicit promotion of members of the Armed Forces. Armed, among others.

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    In the last survey, carried out in the month of August, it was found that 54 percent of Peruvians saw the president as guilty, with which this feeling has increased by eight percent of the citizenry in just one month. Meanwhile, 27 percent of Peruvians consider that Castillo is collaborating with the Public Ministry.

    On the other hand, 46 percent of those surveyed believe that the main person responsible for the political crisis facing the South American country is the Government, while 44 percent believe that it is the fault of the Congress of the Republic, a body that the same On Monday, he will elect his next president after the dismissal of Lady Camones due to a conversation, leaked to the media, in which the leader of the Alliance for Progress, Cesar Acuna, asked him to benefit the formation of which both are members.

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    In this sense, 55 percent of Peruvians believe that the motion of censure approved against Camones was justified, while 26 percent believe that there were no reasons to remove the president of Congress. Close to half of those surveyed believe that it is necessary for Camones’s successor to be an opponent, while 38 percent prefer that he be close to the government.

    Source: Europa Press


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