News Latin America The maelstrom for the espionage of activists and journalists returns to Mexico

The maelstrom for the espionage of activists and journalists returns to Mexico

The controversy over spying on civilians by the government has returned to Mexico. The Army used the software Pegasus spies to gather information on the activist Raymundo Ramos, president of the Nuevo Laredo Human Rights Committee. Ramos was investigating the alleged executions carried out by the military in the Tamaulipas municipality in 2020. The use of malware was used with the knowledge of the Secretary of Defense [Sedena], Luis Cresencio Sandoval. In this episode of Speaking to Warkentin…the journalist Gabriela Warkentin speaks with Ramos himself and with Luis Fernando Garcia, director of R3D, the network in defense of Digital Rights, to analyze the controversy in this plot.

The discussion about espionage reached the National Palace a few days ago. The journalist from Political Animal Nayeli Roldan asked the president about the issue of espionage: why are they spying, who is spying, if they were aware… The response of the Mexican president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, was as concise as it was controversial. “We do not spy. They are intelligence work. There is no illegality ”, he affirmed. Later, he charged against the media criticizing that “always” is against him.

The Committee has accurately documented the abuses carried out by the military against the civilian population. Like last February 26, when they raised an alarm about the murder at the hands of the military of five young people in Nuevo Laredo when they returned to an apartment after a night out. “They shot to kill”, considers the president of the Committee.



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