News Europe The leader of the Norwegian leftist party Rodt resigns after being caught...

The leader of the Norwegian leftist party Rodt resigns after being caught stealing glasses in Oslo

The leader of the Norwegian leftist party Rodt resigns after being caught stealing glasses in Oslo

The leader of the Norwegian left-wing Rodt (Red) party, Bjornar Moxnes, presented his resignation as head of the party on Monday after being caught stealing glasses from a store at the airport in the country’s capital, Oslo.

Moxnes has acknowledged in a statement published on his account on the social network Facebook that he made “a big mistake” and that “he made it worse with the way he later managed it.” “I’m really sorry and I want to apologize,” said the leader of Rodt, founded in 2007 after the union of the Communist Workers’ Party and the Red Electoral List.

“Many have asked me how I could do something so stupid. I myself have asked myself many times during the last weeks. I don’t have a good explanation. What I have clear is that I did something wrong and that I have to accept the consequences”, he has highlighted.

“People in positions of power must be held accountable and criticized,” said Moxnes, Rodt’s leader since May 2012. “I have chosen to resign,” he stressed. “I don’t want my mistakes to affect close people,” he said, before insisting that he is “responsible for stealing the glasses.”

Likewise, he has argued that “the information during this summer about the crisis and the queues to obtain food show that Rodt is more necessary than ever.” “We are facing a campaign in which Rodt submits a record number of lists and we have to fight tooth and nail to drive away the right,” she explained.

For this reason, he has been “proud” of having collaborated with the development of the formation and has stressed that “Rodt is not a one-man party.” “During these eleven years we have made history and I am incredibly grateful for the trust placed in me to lead Rodt,” he said.

Moxnes has asserted that “during the last six years important victories have been achieved” that “have meant a lot to the unemployed during the coronavirus pandemic”, among others. “We have built a new party for working people,” she praised.

“Recently I have received a lot of insults and a lot of support. I thank everyone who has trusted me and I’m sorry to have disappointed them,” said Moxnes, who has advanced that “he will continue to be involved as a member of Rodt and as a parliamentarian in the future”. “Our movement is bigger than people”, he has settled.

The politician was caught stealing some glasses worth about 1,200 crowns (about one hundred euros) in a store at the Oslo airport, for which he was fined 3,000 crowns (about 250 euros). The 41-year-old politician acknowledged his mistake, although he modified his version several times, which increased criticism of his actions, captured by a security camera.

Moxnes’s decision, who cannot resign from his functions as a parliamentarian, according to Norwegian law, implies that the ‘number two’ of the party, Marie Sneve Mantinussen, 37, assumes the reins of the formation on an interim basis until a decision is made on who will be the new leader of Rodt, who in 2021 obtained his best results, with eight seats.



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