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The King of Morocco could travel to Algiers to participate in the Arab League summit

The King of Morocco, Mohammed VI -MAP

The King of Morocco, Mohamed VI, “will personally participate” in the Arab League summit to be held in Algiers on November 1 and 2, according to sources quoted by the Paris-based magazine ‘Jeune Afrique’.

If confirmed, this trip to Algiers would mean a rapprochement in the difficult relations between the two North African neighbors, faced by the conflict in Western Sahara and other disputes.

According to the French magazine, the Moroccan authorities have informed several countries in the Persian Gulf such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Bahrain that the Alaouite monarch “will personally participate” in the 31st Summit of the Arab League.

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Algeria reported on September 8 that it would send the Algerian Minister of Justice, Tebbi Abderrachid, to Morocco to personally deliver the invitation to the Arab League summit, despite the fact that both countries broke diplomatic relations in August 2021.

The Moroccan Foreign Ministry confirmed that “the Algerian Minister of Justice will be received in Morocco” as part of a series of trips by “emissaries” from the neighboring country to the capitals of Arab countries.

With these trips, Algiers intends to invite “all the heads of state of the member countries of the Arab League”, which would imply, in the case of Morocco, King Mohamed VI.

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Algiers broke off diplomatic relations with Rabat in August 2021 alleging a host of circumstances, among which he cited the lack of progress in resolving the open dispute over Western Sahara.

Since then, the geopolitical situation in the Maghreb has added new tensions, with no signs of rapprochement between the Moroccan and Algerian authorities. Morocco considered its diplomatic crisis with Spain settled after the Pedro Sanchez government endorsed Mohamed VI’s autonomy plan for Western Sahara, a turn that instead led Algeria to call its ambassador in Madrid to consult.

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Source: Europa Press


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