SportsThe Judiciary of Peru urges Castillo to urgently summon the powers of the State to reach consensus

The Judiciary of Peru urges Castillo to urgently summon the powers of the State to reach consensus

The president of the Judiciary of Peru, Elvia Barrios Alvarado, the president of the National Board of Justice, Henry Avila; Comptroller Nelson Shack, and the Ombudsman, Eliana Revollar, in the Council of State, Lima – JUDICIAL POWER OF PERU

The representatives of the Judiciary, the National Board of Justice, the Comptroller General of the Republic and the Ombudsman have urged the President of Peru, Pedro Castillo, to urgently convene the institutions to reach consensus among them.

The heads of these institutions –Elvia Barrios, Henry Avila, Nelson Shack and Eliana Revollar– met this Sunday at the Palace of Justice to adopt actions that guarantee the democratic governance of the nation, based on inter-institutional dialogue and on the framework of the Public Constitution”, according to a letter from the Judiciary.

The country’s president, Pedro Castillo, and the president of Congress, Jose Williams, were invited to the Council of State by Barrios. However, in his absence, the judicial powers meeting this Sunday have issued a pronouncement in which they call on Castillo to promote a space for dialogue.

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“We call on the President of the Republic to convene as a matter of urgency all the powers of the State and constitutionally autonomous bodies to promote a space for dialogue that makes it possible to achieve consensus and minimum agreements to restore stability and social peace, within the framework unrestricted respect for the democratic rule of law and the current constitutional order,” reads the text, according to the Andina news agency.

In said document, the four public officials of the aforementioned judicial institutions have expressed their concern about the political crisis facing the country, while they have reiterated their commitment to defending the democratic system and dialogue.

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Thus, the signatories have indicated that it is imperative to make the necessary efforts to reach a solution to the crisis, advocating for the union of citizens in defense of democracy.

“Democracy has been built with the effort of all, so that the democratically elected authorities exercise power seeking the common good, deposing any particular interest,” the statement added.

After the call for this session, the Public Ministry reported that the Attorney General, Patricia Benavides, would not participate in the session, arguing that she is in charge of investigations against the President, so participating in the Council of State “would not be appropriate.” .

Subsequently, on Sunday morning, Congress notified that Williams would not participate in the Council of State meeting because it would require “prior coordination” to collect the proposals of each of the parliamentary benches, reports the RPP radio station.

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However, the Executive did not confirm the participation of Castillo or any representative of the Government. The office of the Presidency reported that the promised dialogue would only be through civil society organizations.

Barrios summoned Castillo and Williams after the president has again renewed the Council of Ministers after a loss of confidence in the Chamber.

The refusal of Congress to support the proposal of the now former Prime Minister Anibal Torres to reform the referendum calling law, with which the Executive intended to repeal Law 31399, a rule that since the beginning of 2022 has hindered the calling of a vote popular, generated the renewal of the group of ministers.


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