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The JEP clarifies that the amnesty to Rodrigo Granda for rebellion does not prevent his investigation in other cases

File – Guerrillas of the now extinct FARC (file image: 2017). – LOUIS WITTER / LE PICTORIUM / ZUMA PRESS / CONTACT

The Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) has clarified that the amnesty granted for the crime of rebellion to Rodrigo Granda, considered ‘the foreign minister of the FARC’, does not prevent him from continuing to be investigated in the almost thirty open cases he has for crimes committed during his time in the now dissolved guerrilla.

Given the uproar that his amnesty caused this week when considering that there was no evidence to accuse him of rebellion, a recurring maneuver against former members of irregular armed groups, the JEP has clarified that he will continue to be investigated in the framework of two other cases before the court that arose after the 2016 peace accords.

Thus, Granda, also known as ‘Ricardo Tellez’, has 25 cases pending within Case 10, in which the crimes committed by the FARC during the armed conflict and which are not subject to amnesty are investigated, as well as two others in the Case 7, which deals with the recruitment of minors.

In turn, the Amnesty Chamber has also asked the JEP prosecutors for information on thirteen other processes in which Granda could be involved and that have not been referred by the ordinary justice system, Caracol Radio reports.

The figure of ‘Ricardo Tellez’ became more popular worldwide after his arrest in 2004 caused a small diplomatic crisis between the Venezuela of Hugo Chavez and the Colombia of Alvaro Uribe, after an unofficial operation by the Colombian authorities in Colombian territory. Venezuelan.

Already in October 2021 he was arrested in Mexico when he was going to participate in a congress of political forces of the left, after Paraguay activated an Interpol red notice for his alleged relationship in the kidnapping and murder in 2005 of Cecilia Cubas Gusinky, daughter of former Paraguayan President Raul Cubas. He was finally returned to Colombia.



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