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    NewsWorldThe Italian left elects a woman for the first time, Ethel Schlein, as leader of the PD

    The Italian left elects a woman for the first time, Ethel Schlein, as leader of the PD

    Against all odds, Elena Ethel Schlein, 37 years old, deputy and former vice president of Emilia-Romagna, is the new general secretary of the Democratic Party (PD), the leading political force on the left.

    Elly Schlein, as Enrico Letta’s successor is known, is the eleventh secretary general in just over 15 years, since the founding of the PD. He represents a great novelty on the left. She is the first woman elected general secretary of the party.

    Schlein, with Italian, American and Swiss citizenship, feminist, anti-liberal and bisexual, as she herself explained, won the primaries with 54 percent of the votes against the favorite, who was Stefano Bonaccini, 56, president of the Emilia region. -Romaña, which obtained 46 percent. Just over a million voters went to the polls.

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    It should be noted that Bonaccini was the winner among those enrolled in the PD. But in Sunday’s vote the polls were open to all the left. In other words, in addition to those registered with the PD, they voted from the Greens, to the Radicals, through the 5 Star Movement. Many of these voters have chosen Schlein because, in the face of Bonaccini’s pragmatism and liberal socialism, he advocates a more radical policyvery hard against the prime minister, Giorgia Meloni, with the aim of making a very intransigent opposition against the majority of the right.

    a political revolution

    Elly Schelin’s leadership in the main left-wing party represents a revolution in Italian politics, according to various analysts, because, for the first time in the history of the Italian republic, there is a woman at the head of the progressives. Schlein has based her victory by betting on the defense of rights in the most diverse fields of her, from LGBTQ + people, to immigrants, with determined support for young people and an important battle for the climate emergency. This has motivated many people who have not voted in the last elections, especially the new generations, far from politics, on this Sunday they decided to go to the polls because they have seen something new in Elly Schlein.

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    Another factor that, without a doubt, has influenced the electorate of the left has been the Meloni effect. The great success that the leader of the Brothers of Italy had in the general elections on September 25 and two weeks ago in the regional ones, has led many left-wing voters to bet that, for the first time, a woman will assume the leadership of the progressives against the prime minister. Precisely, the first words after her victory were to speak of “revolution” and introduce herself like the anti-Meloni: «We have made a small great revolution together. The democratic people are alive and ready to rise up, with a clear mandate for change.” “We will be a big problem for the Giorgia Meloni government,” added the new PD secretary. Starting today, we will make a contribution to the organization of the opposition to parliament and throughout the country to defend the poor that the government hits and does not want to see.

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