Technology The iPhone 15 Pro Max could come out 4 weeks later than...

The iPhone 15 Pro Max could come out 4 weeks later than expected, according to several rumors

The iPhone 15 Pro Max could come out 4 weeks later than expected, according to several rumors

There is less than a week left until the September Apple keynote takes place and, finally, the iPhone 15 and the rest of the family models are presented.

As usual, once the presentation is over, the release date will be given, which usually takes place a couple of weeks later, along with iOS 17, the new software from the Cupertino firm.

Now, there will be a specific model that will not accompany the rest of the models in the family and 4 week delay expected.

The affected? The iPhone 15 Pro Max —or Ultra, according to the latest rumors, something logical seeing how Apple is using the Ultra surname in the most premium models.

The reason? According to a recent publication by Revegnus in Xone of the most reputable informants in the brand’s environment, it seems that it is due to a problem in the supply chain.

Now, the problem does not seem to be the fault of the firm led by Tim Cook, but rather a problem at Sony. The Japanese manufacturer supplies lenses to Apple and there are many problems with the 48 megapixel sensors.

The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus could receive a major facelift

This will affect the iPhone 15 Pro Max, since the latest rumors suggest that this model It will have a 48 megapixel Sony lens.

It is not strange to think so, since the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max already had this Sony sensor, which is now facing production and supply problems.

Beyond this, there are other possible production problems that could delay the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

As they point out from The confidentialthere is also talk that Apple wants to reduce the screen bezel of its most expensive model to increase the size of the panel without increasing dimensions and this seems to be costing more than necessary.

In addition, since it is the most expensive model, there will be fewer units available. The problem is that it can who have been pessimistic with the number of sales that they expect to get and there are fewer units than necessary to meet the demand.

Now, the rest of the models will not be affected by the problems related to the iPhone 15 Pro Max and will be available in the usual range. That is, a couple of weeks after Apple’s WWDC 23.



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