Technology The iPhone 15 Pro has its Hero Dark Red color

The iPhone 15 Pro has its Hero Dark Red color

For devices that are only rumored to be out in September, with more than half a year to go, the upcoming iPhones certainly enjoy the leak. We looked at some CAD renders of the iPhone 15 last week, and following up on other renders from last week, we’ve created one more image for you to check out today.

This is the iPhone 15 Pro, now rumored to be its hero color. It is a very dark red with a hexadecimal color code of #410D0D. Keep in mind that this rendering of the phone is meant to reveal the exact hue Apple plans to use to make its Pro and Pro Max devices stand out this year.

Previously, the exclusive main color of the Pro line was Pacific Blue for the iPhone 12 generation, Sierra Blue for the iPhone 13 generation, and special iterations of Space Black and Deep Purple for the current iPhone 14 generation. Later this year , iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will be available in this exclusive version of deep red color, which Apple’s marketing department is sure to name something spectacular.

For the vanilla iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus, Apple will offer pink (hex code #CE3B6C) and light blue (#0DB1E2) options. The usual note/warning applies here: this is an unconfirmed rumor, and while Apple may currently consider using some or all of these colors, some may not make the cut when next-gen iPhones go into mass production.

Remember that Apple was working on a gold iPhone X back in the day, but even though it was close enough to go through the FCC certification process, it was not released.




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