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The ICRC calls on the international community to increase aid in the face of the “unsustainable” situation in Syria

The ICRC calls on the international community to increase aid in the face of the “unsustainable” situation in Syria

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has demanded this Wednesday that the international community assume that the situation in Syria “is unsustainable” and has advocated for a comprehensive humanitarian response to help deal with the crisis until solutions can be found. in the long term to put an end to the war unleashed in 2011.

“The international community must face the harsh reality that the current situation in Syria is unsustainable, and understand that inaction will have disastrous consequences for all parties and hamper any prospects for a sustainable recovery,” said the ICRC’s regional director for the Middle East. Next, Fabrizio Carboni.

“We cannot turn our backs on the suffering of the Syrian population. We must prioritize the preservation of essential infrastructure and provide comprehensive humanitarian responses,” he said, before noting that “the collapse of essential services is not a remote threat, but a It is a very real possibility, one that will have devastating consequences for the Syrian population if efforts are not redoubled to prevent it.”

Thus, he has stressed that if there is an investment when it comes to “satisfying these vital needs” a positive expansive effect could be generated. “At a minimum, we will help the inhabitants have access to a basic service of essential services,” he explained. .

Carboni has stressed that access to these services “can contribute to the process of rebuilding your life, as well as to obtaining, by humanitarian organizations, the necessary tools so that their assistance has significantly greater effectiveness and impact” . “We must act right now,” she has defended.

In this way, the ICRC recalled that the Syrian population has been suffering from a conflict for more than 12 years, a situation compounded by the devastating earthquakes in February in southern Turkey, the economic recession, the collapse of services of public health, the destruction of homes and the risk that essential infrastructure will stop working.

The agency has pointed out that almost 90 percent of the population is below the poverty line and has outlined that more than 15 million Syrians need humanitarian aid, given the risk that the infrastructure will not resist and the difficulties posed by the international sanctions on Damascus for the delivery of various material.



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