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The IAPA is committed to reviewing the state of press freedom in the General Assembly in Mexico

The IAPA is committed to reviewing the state of press freedom in the General Assembly in Mexico

The Inter-American Press Association (SIP) is committed to reviewing strategies to guarantee freedom of expression and free exercise of journalism in the Americas, in addition to delving into solutions for the sustainability of the media in a changing environment.

“In addition to reviewing the state of press freedom in 25 countries on the continent, the program of the 79th IAPA Assembly includes presentations and panels by North American and Spanish media, as well as new initiatives for the sustainability of journalistic companies,” announced the agency this Monday in a statement.

The regional body, which brings together media from the entire continent, is preparing its 79th General Assembly to be held this year in Mexico City, from November 9 to 12.

At each annual meeting, the IAPA foster spaces for discussion and training of media directive cadres and focuses on issues relevant to the practice of journalism in challenging environments.

This year the Mexican Host Committee is made up of a media conglomerate from the Aztec country, among which Grupo Salinas stands out.

“The program will include workshops, visits and social events in emblematic sites of the Mexican capital. On November 8, prior to the start of the official program, an optional and free seminar will be given for those registered at the Universidad de la Libertad”, the statement stated.

The SIP also commemorates at this meeting the centenary of the mandate to create a regional media organization during the Fifth American Conference, in Santiago de Chile, 1923. The 30th anniversary of the Declaration of Chapultepec.

Challenges in the age of misinformation with AI

As a prelude to the General Assembly, the regional media organization will also address the problem of disinformation at a summit to be held on September 27 and 28 in a virtual format.

This meeting will address the challenge for the verification of news content in times of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI). This “will be one of the thematic axes of the Summit on Disinformation”, points out the IAPA, which organizes the event together with partners from academia and the media on the continent.

“One of the great challenges of modern journalism is to know the most effective strategies to reach audiences with reliable information and, also, how to turn the media into effective tools to offer verified content”, affirmed the president of the IAPA, Michael Greenspon .

More than 600 participants from 40 countries on different continents have already registered for this activity, who will delve into five thematic axes that will cover the major issues where disinformation flows the most.

“The five thematic axes of the Summit are electoral disinformation; build effective verified content distribution strategies; build news quality indicators; verification in the era of Generative Artificial Intelligence and media literacy in times of TikTok”, considers the IAPA.

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