NewsLatin AmericaThe Government of Peru will pay the families of those killed and injured during the protests

The Government of Peru will pay the families of those killed and injured during the protests

(CNN Spanish) — The Government of Peru will pay the relatives of those killed and seriously injured during the protests that took place in the country between December 8 and February 10, according to a decree published in the official newspaper El Peruano.

The decree orders the delivery in local currency of the equivalent of US$13,000 to the relatives of the people who lost their lives and a single payment of US$6,500 to those who suffered significant injuries.

The Multisectoral Commission, a body made up of government representatives and human rights organizations, will be in charge of identifying the criteria that qualify to determine that a person was seriously injured.

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In the considerations of the decree, the Government clarifies that the payment “does not have a compensatory or reparatory nature, nor does it have any implications in the determination of possible administrative, civil and criminal responsibilities.”

As CNN first reported, Peruvian families have demanded reparations for protester deaths and injuries since the ouster of former President Pedro Castillo. In the months that followed, the protests were fueled by deep dissatisfaction with living conditions and inequality in the country.

At least 60 people have been killed, according to Peru’s Ombudsman’s Office, including a police officer. Most of those deaths occurred outside of Lima. As of February 22, seven people died in Apurímac, ten in Ayacucho, and twenty in Puno, for example, according to the same organization.

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The government announcement comes after a preliminary report published by Amnesty International accused the Peruvian authorities of acting with “a marked racist bias” in their crackdown on protests last week.

The human rights group also accused Peruvian security forces of using firearms with lethal ammunition “as one of their main methods of dispersing demonstrations, even when there was no apparent risk to the lives of other people,” which constitutes a violation of international human rights standards.

CNN contacted the Defense and Interior Ministry for comment on Amnesty International’s report and allegations of excessive use of force against protesters. The Defense Ministry declined to comment, telling CNN that there is an ongoing investigation by the Peruvian Prosecutor’s Office with which they are collaborating.

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A Home Office spokesman also declined to comment highlighting the ongoing investigation by the Prosecutor’s office.

Since December 7, 2022, Peru has been plunged into a political and institutional crisis after then-President Castillo tried to unconstitutionally dissolve Congress.

CNN’s Tara John contributed to this report.


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