NewsLatin AmericaThe Government of Chile partially deactivates the truckers strike

The Government of Chile partially deactivates the truckers strike

Archive – Archive image of roadblocks during the indefinite strike of truckers in Chile – LEONARDO RUBILAR / AGENCIAUNO / LEONARDO RUBILAR

The Government of Chile has reached an agreement with two of the truckers’ unions participating in the week-long strike, partially deactivating the truckers’ strike, since this agreement does not include one of the drivers’ groups.

The Chilean Executive has agreed ten points with the Chilean National Cargo Transport Confederation (CNTC) and FedeQuinta, while Camioneros del Sur and Fuerza del Norte remain outside the pact.

The plan agreed with two of the mobilized truckers union organizations includes the appointment of exclusive prosecutors by region to investigate crimes against truckers and the stabilization of the price of fuel with a limit of 1,500 million dollars, reports the AdnRadio station.

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The Undersecretary of the Interior, Manuel Monsalve, has highlighted, after signing the agreement, that this “benefits all Chileans” due to the stabilization of fuel prices.

Regarding this measure, Monsalve has qualified that it will favor “all those who consume fuel in Chile, whether they are truckers or not”, reports ‘BiobioChile’.

Likewise, the representative of the Ministry of the Interior has encouraged the unions that have not joined the agreement to approve it “because it solves the problem of the truckers and the country’s problems.” “There is a broad agreement and we are willing to listen to those who have not yet reached an agreement so that they can join,” he reiterated.

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The president of Fedequinta has celebrated that, after the dialogue table, they have achieved two of the three relevant points for the union. “We believe that this satisfies the bases (…), we understand that the State is making a great effort,” he added, as reported by the Cooperativa.

However, the carriers that have not signed the agreement with the Government will continue to mobilize.

The Chilean government invoked the security law last Wednesday to deal with the truckers’ strike due to the interruption they carry out on the highways.

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The Minister of the Interior and Security, Carolina Toha, has confirmed that they had made the decision to criminally prosecute -through the State Security Law- the truckers who maintain the blockades in various parts of the country.

The Confederation of Transportistas Fuerza del Norte of the country began an indefinite strike last Monday in protest against the high prices of fuels, as well as the insecurity on the roads, after three months ago the truckers asked the Minister of Finance to put an end to the price hike.


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