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‘The girl in the parking lot’, ‘the ‘woman in the suitcase’ and 20 other cases of violent deaths that Interpol asks for help to solve

‘The body in the swamp’, ‘the girl from the parking lot’, ‘the woman from the canal’, ‘the woman with the flower tattoo’… These are some of the names of the 22 open cases, but cold, in the jargon police, women killed during the last 40 years that Interpol and the police of Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany want to reactivate. For this they have launched ‘Operation Identify Me’.

“The common ground among these 22 women is that none of them have names and that they probably died due to a violent act,” Susan Hitchin, coordinator of Interpol’s DNA unit, said in a video call about the operation, dubbed ” Operation Identify me’.

The women were found in Belgium, the Netherlands or Germany, but they could have come from other countries, he said. It is also possible that their bodies were transported there to confuse investigators.

The oldest unsolved case, ‘The Girl in the Parking Lot’, concerns a young woman, between the ages of 13 and 20, found by hikers in 1976 in the Netherlands and believed by the Netherlands Police to come from Germany. The investigation also believes that she died the same year that her body was discovered.

Another is about a woman found in Belgium almost 32 years ago. Her body was discovered in 1991 in a rainwater well in the town of Holsbeek, some 40 km from Brussels. Her body could have been in the well for up to two years.

Unidentified female victims

The operation focuses on female victims, as “women are disproportionately affected by gender-based violence, such as sexual assault, human trafficking, and domestic abuse,” Hitchin explained.

“In similar investigations, establishing the identity of the victim ultimately led to the arrest of a suspect,” Anja Allendorf of the German police said in a statement announcing the operation.

  • The Woman at the Well – Belgium – (date discovered) 1991

  • The body in the swamp – Germany – 2001

  • The girl in the parking lot – Netherlands – 1976

  • The woman with the tattooed flower – Belgium – 1992

  • The woman of the A6 motorway – Germany – 1986

  • The girl from Teteringen – Netherlands – 1990

  • The Dam Woman – Belgium – 1996

  • The channel woman – Netherlands – 1992

  • The woman of the Scheldt river – Belgium – 2002

  • The burned body in the forest – Germany – 2002

  • The body on the carpet – Germany – 2002

  • The woman on the border – Netherlands – 1994

  • The woman of the river Meuse – Belgium – 2005

  • The woman dressed as a man – Germany – 1998

  • The Woman with the Bracelet – Netherlands – 1995

  • The woman with the false nails – Belgium – 2009

  • The woman with the floral shirt – Germany – 1997

  • The Woman in the Boat – Netherlands – 1998

  • The woman in the park – Belgium – 2019

  • The Woman in the River Gaasp – Netherlands – 1999

  • The woman from the river Ij – Netherlands – 2004

  • The woman in the suitcase – Netherlands – 2005

For all these reasons, Interpol and the national security forces hope that through this publicity operation the cases and their details will reach a broader and more global public in which there is someone who can recognize and identify one of these 22 unnamed bodies. and, if possible, advance in the resolution of his death.



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