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The French opposition advocates creating a parliamentary commission to investigate the ties between Macron and Uber

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Alexis Corbière, a deputy from the opposition party La Francia Insumisa, has advocated this Monday for creating a parliamentary commission to investigate the alleged links between the French president, Emmanuel Macron, and the Uber company after information was leaked that suggests that the president would have secretly helped the company to penetrate France by facilitating access to high positions.

“The idea that Macron, secretly agreeing with a company, has deregulated the rules regarding taxis is very serious. What lesson can we learn from this? Obviously, the question must be asked. You can go to the Government, you can create an investigation commission,” he asserted, according to information from the BFMTV television network.

The leaks have caused controversy in the country, where opponents and unions have criticized the president, who would have carried out these actions when he was Minister of the Economy of France.

The more than 124,000 documents of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists that make up the so-called ‘Uber Files’ expose the ethically questionable practices of the company that Travis Kalanick ran at the time and that went through courting prime ministers, presidents, millionaires, oligarchs and media moguls.

In France, each parliamentary group has the right to include once a year, and on the agenda, a motion to create a commission of inquiry. The deputies of the formation of the left planned to request that the increase in inflation be investigated, but now they have begun to change their minds.

Communist Party leader Fabien Roussel has accused Macron of helping the rich instead of “protecting French citizens”, while politicians from the ruling Renaissance party have argued that Macron has acted acceptably.

“I am responsible for the industry and I meet with industrialists (…) Today, for example, I meet with Tetrapak,” said the Vice Minister of Economy, Finance and Industry, Roland Lescure, on his Twitter account.

However, for figures such as the general secretary of the General Confederation of Labour, Philippe Martinez, “the minimum” is that the head of state “give explanations” in this regard. “He has to explain what he did and how he contributed not only to ensuring Uber’s entry into France, but how this led to a reform that has facilitated this type of activity,” he asserted.

The leaked documents are dated between 2013 and 2017 and include communications from Kalanick himself with his managers. One of them acknowledges that they behave like “pirates” and in another leaked document he says that they are “fucking illegal”.

Source: Europa Press



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