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    LifestyleThe foolproof trick to remove sticker glue from almost any surface

    The foolproof trick to remove sticker glue from almost any surface

    Stickers are very fun elements that you can use to give personality, color identity to many of your everyday objects, from furniture to your laptop, your work desk, a nightstand or even your car.

    Some stickers or adhesives are easier to remove than others, but unless they are of good quality, most leave traces of sticky glue, which is very poorly cleaned.

    Some people use alcohol or a blade to remove it, but if the surface is delicate, that cannot be done. Fortunately, there are some home hacks to remove sticker glue from almost anything.

    For remove the stickers without leaving a mark, First of all you must take into account the material in which you have put them. It is not the same to clean the glue from the sticker of a folder than from the cover of a mobile phone or a table.

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    Put these remedies to work and forget about the sticky remains of dirt.

    How to remove sticker glue from almost anything

    The technique varies depending on how delicate the material is.


    Do not even think about running a blade directly to remove the glue that a sticker left on a glass surface, since you could damage or scratch it.

    If it is a crystal belonging to a small object, such as a jar or boat, submerge the piece in hot soapy water for a few minutes.

    If the object is large, such as the window of a car or the glass of a table, prepare the hot soapy water in a basin, wet the sponge and moisten the glue several times. Afterwards, you can try the plastic blade to remove the most difficult remains.

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    An extra trick to remove stubborn glue marks is to apply a little olive oil.


    The previous trick is valid: hot soapy water is usually very effective for remove sticker marks from plastic.

    But if the marks are very old or persistent, another home remedy will be very useful: the versatile white vinegar. Combine 1 part white vinegar with 2 parts hot water, and finish off by adding a squirt of soap.

    Depending on the size of the object, soak it or rub it with a clean sponge. Complete with plastic blade.

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    Stickers on metal leave one of the most difficult traces to remove. It is best to always try the standard solution first: hot soapy water.

    If the sticky dirt is still embedded, you will have to apply alcohol to remove the sticker mark and rub with a dry cloth.


    For the stickers on clothes —common in children—, you can mix cold water with white vinegar in equal parts, and put the garment, leaving it to soak for a while.

    Finish by washing it in a normal cycle with cold water: you will see that it is like new.


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