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The FBI video with tips to survive a mass shooting in the US: «Run. hide. Struggle”

Just a few hours after the shooting in Dallas, the last one perpetrated with an assault rifle and which left at least 8 dead in a shopping center, a video has begun to be broadcast in which the fbi gives advice on how to act Given the possibility of being in a place where a mass shooting.

It is a produced video that lasts around 4 minutes and in which various actors explain how to act on camera. It is from two years ago, but after the last shootings they have returned to the present day. The entire video revolves around a fundamental premise: “Run, hide, fight”.

In the film you can see how a couple is enjoying a night in a nightclub, the waitress comes over to take the order, but moments later a shooter enters the bar and the shooting beginswhile everyone flees in terror.

The FBI’s three rules for dealing with a mass shooting

The first rule, according to this video, is run. “Wherever you go be alert for alternate exits. Quickly evacuate to a location far from the attacker. Don’t hesitate, seconds count. Remember the windows and emergency exits. Leave your belongings behind keep your hands empty and visible when leaving the building. Follow the instructions of the Police and do not stop until you find a safe place, “explains the FBI.

Secondly, in case of not being able to run away, the following rule is hide. To do this, once in the selected place, you have to close and lock the door, silence mobile phones and prepare a defense plan.

If neither of these two alternatives is viable, the next step is to “fight as a last resort.” “Use the objects as makeshift weapons, use teamwork and surprise. A coordinated ambush can incapacitate an attacker,” the FBI stresses. In addition, it includes a last sentence in this case: «You are fighting for your life. Don’t fight fair!».

The FBI also explains in this video how to act with victims who have been hit by bullets and are bleeding. They insist that the wound must be plugged to control the bleeding.

This last video once again highlights the problem that exists with the weapons in the United States. In the country, this type of assault coexists with the debate on what to do with the use of weapons and, specifically, on their control. In this sense, society is also polarized between those who bet on iron control and those who consider that weapons are safe.



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