TechnologyThe 'father' of the Internet sounds the alarm about ChatGPT: he considers that AI text generators could be the new gold rush

The ‘father’ of the Internet sounds the alarm about ChatGPT: he considers that AI text generators could be the new gold rush

The commotion that has been generated around text generators such as ChatGPT has only increased in recent weeks, but one Internet ideologue has urged caution against Gold Rush it could be the rise of artificial intelligence.

Vint Cerfwidely recognized as the father of the Internet, has advised people against rashly investing in AI chatbots like ChatGPT or Bard simply because they are “cool” and trendy.

While speaking at a conference held in Mountain View, California (United States), Cerf pointed out, according to CNBCthat exists an ethical problem“with these tools and that he hopes people will think about it before investing in this technology.

“Everyone is talking about ChatGPT or Google’s version of that tool and we know that does not always work as we would like“, Cerf said.

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These are the 6 alternatives to ChatGPT: Microsoft’s commitment to OpenAI competes against giants such as Google or the Chinese technology Baidu

Alternatives to ChatGPT.Alternatives to ChatGPT.

He father of the Internet has also expressed that people should “remember” that some people who use these technologies are not always honest and “will try to do everything that benefits them and not you”, so investors have to ” be careful about how these technologies are used.

“If you think, ‘I can sell this to investors because it’s a hot topic and everyone will throw money at me‘Don’t do it,” Cerf asked. “Be careful. We can’t always predict what’s going to happen with these technologies, and to be honest, most of the problem is people: that’s why we haven’t changed much in the last 400 years, let alone the last 4,000.”

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Cerf currently serves as Vice President and Principal Internet Disseminator at Google and is recognized as one of the “Fathers of the Internet” for having designed part of its architecture. As the main disseminator, Cerf “contributes to the development of global policies and the continued diffusion of the Internet,” specifies Google Research.

The expert has related to the attendees of the talk that he himself asked one of these chatbots to add an emoji at the end of a sentence, but it did not, and later apologized to him after Cerf made him ugly. According to Cerf, he also asked a text generator to provide him with a biography of himself, but his response contained significant errors.

Cerf reportedly said during the conference that engineers, like him, they should be responsible for correcting mistakes presented by these tools, adding that “minimizing the chances of more serious failures should be a priority.”

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Shortly after OpenAI launched its well-known artificial intelligence tool, ChatGPT, giants such as Google either Microsoft they began a race to develop their own technologies. The Mountain View firm even issued a “code red” after the launch of ChatGPT, fearing that it could pose a threat to its search engine.

One day before Microsoft released its “new bing“, developed in collaboration with OpenAI, Google announced Bardits AI tool, which, according to Sundar Pichai, CEO of the Alphabet subsidiary, is “an experimental conversational artificial intelligence service.”

For its part, the Redmond firm published its “new Bing” last Tuesday, which it assured is “more powerful than ChatGPT“, a statement that Business Insider wanted to demonstrate


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