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The famous Greek actor and radical left MEP Alexis Yeorgulis, accused of sexual harassment by a socialist politician

As soon as the news was made public, popular actor and MEP for Syriza-Progressive Alliance, he resigned from his position and left his future in the party in the hands of Syriza. Shortly after, through an official statement, the radicals made public the expulsion of Yeorgulis from the leftist formation.

«I am going to put all my energies into proving my innocence. Faced with this false and insulting attack, which is carried out -probably not by chance- a few days before the national elections, I intend to wage my battle in justice, for the truth and the restoration of my name, requesting the withdrawal of my immunity as an MEP”, declared Yeorgulis after announcing his resignation.

From successful actor to MEP

Dubbed by the foreign press “The George Clooney of Greece”, his international fame came thanks to his role as Prokópis, the impertinent driver of the tourist bus in the film “My life in ruins”, belonging to the saga “My big Greek wedding”. Among his latest works, his interpretation as Spiros Jalikiopulos in “Los Durrell” and as Paulo in “Everything is wonderful” stands out.

In May 2019, he was appointed as an MEP under the lists of the radical left party Syriza-AP, where he has been dealing with cultural affairs.

Very active on social media, Yeorgulis posted on November 25, 2020, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, a photo of himself holding a banner that read “Speak up, we are by your side.” We do not know if it is the result of chance or that the victim decided to follow his advice, but that same year he filed the complaint for sexual harassment and mistreatment of the MEP.

A renowned lawyer and socialist politician

The victim This is the expert lawyer in European law and socialist politics Eleni Jronopulu. According to Greek sources, Jronopulu, who worked as an adviser to the European Commission and as an employee of the legal service of the European Parliament when the events occurred, was in a loving relationship with Yeorgulis.

The case, which is being investigated by the Belgian authorities Since three years ago, had not been made public until yesterday the request by the Belgian authorities for the suspension of Yeorguli’s parliamentary immunity was communicated. However, and according to the Greek media, in the corridors of the European Parliament there were rumors about the attitude of the MEP towards women. It was precisely these gossip that led to Dimitris Papadimulis, leader of the European group of Syriza to ask for explanations from Yeorgulis, who denied the veracity of the accusations, as announced by the radical MEP Stelios Kuloglu on Tuesday in a live program on the private television channel ANT1. For her part, Syriza assures that until yesterday she did not know the identity of the complainant “if I had known, I would have contacted her,” added Papadimulis.

The PASOK-KINALhas accused the leftists of having made the victim’s name public and of wanting to downplay the charges against the defendant by stating that they are sexual harassment and not serious charges with major criminal consequences.

Next May 21 will be held general elections in Greece. According to the latest surveys, no party would win enough seats to allow it to govern and the scenario of holding new elections or impossible alliances between the parties is more present than ever. In addition, and after the tensions that this case has aroused between the radicals and socialists, the possibility of creating a coalition government between both political forces seems complicated.

Investigation in the hands of the Belgian authorities

The Belgian authorities have asked Roberta Metsola, President of the European Parliament, the suspension of Yeorgulis’s parliamentary immunity. Metsola communicated the request this Monday in the plenary session in Strasbourg, forwarding it to the Legal Affairs Committee, which must gather all the necessary information, listen to Yeorgulis’s version and approve the document that will recommend to Parliament to maintain or abolish the immunity of the accused.



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