LifestyleThe famous ghd hair straightener plummets its price: it is 64 euros cheaper on Amazon

The famous ghd hair straightener plummets its price: it is 64 euros cheaper on Amazon

ghd original styler It’s the iron they use in hairdressers… and it must be for a reason. The ceramic plates do not damage the hair and, in addition, they help the curls to last longer or to make the straightening look even more polished.

In addition, it is an iconic iron, which is advertised in all fashion weeks and has styled the world’s most famous models and actresses. However, they weren’t exactly the cheapest styling product on the market.

Until now. amazon you discount by 28% the ghd original styler, the most emblematic model of the brand: its price remains at less than 136 euros. If you have an event, you can have them at home tomorrow with the fast shipping option.

ghd original styler

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The price is now more affordable and, in addition, it would be equivalent to two or three hairstyles in hairdresser (if not less). In addition, Amazon allows you to finance the purchase in four installments for 90 days without interest.

Abbreviations ghd They come from the term “Good hair days”, as opposed to the days of “bad hair”. Whether it’s Monday morning, it’s pouring or you’ve had to get up early, it doesn’t matter. In a few seconds you could wear an almost professional hairstyle.

These irons have become famous for control the heat like no other. Above 185ºC the hair suffers damage (and it can be noticed on the second day). However, if you lower the temperature too much, the hairstyle will not hold up or you will get a defined shape.

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That is why it is so important that an iron has ceramic plates: those from ghd also come with a gloss coating.

The necessary temperature is achieved so that the hair is polished and shiny, but the hair fiber is not crushed.

Besides, his Round shape and its floating plate design makes the iron glide smoothly through the hair, without breaking it.

ghd original styler

It is not only easy to get a perfect straighteningyou can create soft waves or tighter curls.

Another of their strengths is that they only need 30 seconds to be ready: a beep alerts you that it is ready to be used.

Ergonomics and lightness

These irons have been on the market for more than 20 years. As a novelty, this new generation incorporates what they call “single-zone ceramic technology”: it is capable of maintaining the optimal temperature for the entire time (because there are hairstyles that can be very elaborate and many irons end up overheating).

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If you are one of the clueless ones, don’t worry: after 30 minutes of noticing inactivity the iron it will turn off automatically.

The best hair straightening brushes you can buy

Hair brush.Hair brush.

if you have one XXL mane, straightening your hair can become a full-blown arm workout. However, the ghd barely weighs 340 grams (less than many brushes).

It will allow you to reach any area of ​​the head. You don’t have to worry about the cable, since it is 360º rotatable and it has a good length.


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