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The evidence by which a young Polish woman believes she is Madeleine McCann and the contradictions that the police see

Almost 16 years after the disappearance of little Madeleine McCann in the south of Portugal, a young Polish woman has once again put the spotlight on this case by assuring that it could be her and has not hesitated to share some of the indications that, although they do not prove her identity, they could well serve to take this possibility into account and even corroborate it through a DNA test that she herself has requested.

physical coincidences

Among the indications that the young woman provides are some physical similarities that she has with the young Maddie, as revealed in an Instagram video, such as two freckles on her leg, a spot next to her eye and the heterochromia that both suffer from, an anomaly in eyes in which the irises are of a different color.

In addition to the resemblance she may have with a Madeleine 15 years older, whose evolution is difficult to know, Julia has also shared photos of her parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, with whom she believes she also has some physical similarities.

Abuses and a confused past

Beyond the physical, the young woman has shared part of her past, of which she barely has memories, to try to obtain answers with a DNA test. She assures that when she was little was abused by a German pedophile named Christian Brueckner, who turns out to be the main suspect in the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine, although he has not been able to be convicted in this case due to lack of conclusive evidence.

Brueckner is in prison in Germany for other crimes, as numerous charges have been brought against him for sexual assault and child abuse.

In addition, he assures that his adoptive family does not give him answers about his past and, although he has tried, he has never been able to access his birth certificate.

Some data does not fit

The young woman, who has not hesitated to request a DNA test to verify if she is really Madeleine McCann, denounces that the authorities do not believe that it could be her, but the truth is that some information does not coincide with the missing girl. Specifically, her age. Maddie, who disappeared at the age of 4, would currently be 19 years old, while Julia is 21.

However, he alleges that that is the age he puts on the documents, but that they may have been falsified. «According to the documents, I am 21 years old, but I think that, when someone kidnapping a child, it will probably change your ID», justifies.

According to some British media, the family would be willing to carry out the identity test.



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