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The desired vote of young people who grew up with the financial crisis

Their ballots can skew the results, and parties are eagerly seeking them. They are concerned, above all, with the economy.

In Greece, 440,000 young people this year have the right to vote for the first time.

This generation differs in many areas from the previous ones. But it inherits a common territory, that of the economic difficulties derived from the financial crisis and the coronavirus pandemic..

Many analysts believe that their ballots will be decisive in the results of the parliamentary elections on May 21.

The campaigns of the different political parties look forward to them. Some have been analyzing the different proposals for some time. Others are greener.

economy and education

“My decision will be based on which party has the best program in economics and education,” says a young woman. “These are the most important things we have to fight for.”

“I will vote with my own criteria. I’ve been thinking about it for years“, says a student. “The country is recovering. We want to continue like this. I think young people should go vote because they are the future of our country. They have to decide for their future.”

“This is the first time,” explains another. “Right now I think the country is recovering under the leadership of New Democracy. We need a stable government. It’s the best for our country.”

“Yes, I’m going to vote. I still don’t know what criteria,” admits this young woman. “I’m not very informed.”

For political parties in Greece, the youth vote is uncertain. That is why they try to bring it through social networks.

Source: Euronews Espanol



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