News Europe The Democratic Party of Italy recognizes the electoral defeat

The Democratic Party of Italy recognizes the electoral defeat

Debora Serracchiani, of the Democratic Party of Italy, speaking to the press after the general elections. – FABIO FRUSTACI / ZUMA PRESS / CONTACTOPHOTO

The Democratic Party of Italy has recognized the electoral defeat on Sunday night, after the publication of the exit polls, which would give victory to the right-wing bloc, led by the far-right Georgia Meloni.

“Undoubtedly, we cannot – in light of the data seen so far – not attribute the victory to the right wing dragged by Giorgia Meloni. It is a sad afternoon for the country,” said the leader of the Democratic Party in the Chamber , Debora Serracchiani, at a press conference.

“We are facing a great responsibility and that responsibility must be played well in Parliament,” added the center-left politician.

Provisional results provided by exit polls have shown that a right-wing alliance led by Meloni’s Brothers of Italy party would win by winning more than 40 percent of the ballots, well ahead of left-wing parties, which They would add up to just over 25 percent.

If the results are confirmed, the leader of the Brothers of Italy is emerging as a clear candidate for prime minister, a position never held by a woman in Italy.

Source: Europa Press



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