NewsUSAThe deliberations on the future of Genaro García Luna, postponed until next Tuesday

The deliberations on the future of Genaro García Luna, postponed until next Tuesday

The members of the jury have not yet reached a decision on the guilt or innocence of Genaro García Luna. After two days of deliberations, the panel concluded this Friday without reaching a unanimous verdict on the five crimes against the former Mexican Secretary of Public Security: three charges for drug trafficking, one for organized crime, and another for giving statements. false. The 12 citizens will meet again next Tuesday, after the US Presidents’ Day holiday. There is no defined deadline for them to reach an agreement.

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The Brooklyn court is on edge. The Prosecutor’s Office, the defense, the defendant’s relatives and the journalists have met in court waiting to hear from the jury, whose deliberations are private. Just hours before, the court was filled with explosive statements, clashes between the parties and the impatient look of the defendant waiting to know his future after the trial. Now the scene is completely different. The judge is not in the room, the parties have left behind the controversies and have innocuous conversations, the reporters kill time with jokes, forecasts and books. At any time there can be a verdict. The wait is especially distressing for Cristina Pereyra, his wife, who has been present at all the hearings in the judicial process. Luna García, her daughter, shared nerves and anxiety with them on the court benches.

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Cut off from the outside world, the members have requested various documents and transcripts of witness statements in order to have more elements to help them reach a verdict. Each request is communicated to the court, where a permanent guard has been mounted due to the uncertainty of not knowing when a decision will be reached. Everything is suspended in the last moments of the judicial process in New York. After seven hours of deliberations, the last request of the jurors was to go home.

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