News Europe The death toll from a fire in a flower warehouse in Moscow...

The death toll from a fire in a flower warehouse in Moscow rises to seven

Archive – Ambulance in Moscow, Russia – BAI XUEQI / XINHUA NEWS / CONTACTOPHOTO – Archive

The number of deaths due to the fire registered on Sunday in a flower store in Komsomolskaya Square in the Russian capital, Moscow, has risen to seven, after the rescue services have located two victims inside the facilities after the extinguishing of the flames.

Sources from the emergency services cited by the Russian news agency TASS have stated that “the body of a seventh victim has been found”, after the authorities put the balance at six dead and one wounded. The fire was extinguished around midnight, without knowing the causes of the event.

On the other hand, the balance of deaths due to the gas explosion registered at dawn on Saturday in a house on the Russian island of Sakhalin has increased to ten, including four children. The explosion affected all five floors of a residential building.



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