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The death certificate of Elizabeth II lists her high age as the cause of death

Coffin with the remains of Elizabeth II -Jonathan Brady/PA Wire/dpa

The death certificate of Queen Elizabeth II attributes the death to the high age of the monarch, who died on September 8 at the age of 96 at her Balmoral castle in Scotland.

The civil registry of Scotland has released an extract of this certificate this Thursday, in which 3:10 p.m. on the 8th is established as the exact time of death and in which it also includes the profession of the deceased: “Her Majesty the Queen”.

The document, in which Princess Anne, daughter of Elizabeth II, is referred to as a contact relative, establishes September 16 as the date of registration in the registry, although the copy corresponds to the 26th and appears signed by the most responsible of this body, Paul Lowe.

Isabel II died after seven decades of reign and, after her death, the crown has fallen to her eldest son, who from the moment of his mother’s death has adopted the name of Charles III. The death gave way to ten days of mourning that ended with a state funeral before half a thousand international leaders.

Source: Europa Press



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