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    NewsLatin AmericaThe Daniel Ortega regime frees more than 200 political prisoners and exiles them to the United States

    The Daniel Ortega regime frees more than 200 political prisoners and exiles them to the United States

    One of the most unexpected news in Latin America occurred early this Thursday in Nicaragua. Surprisingly and without notifying their relatives, the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo has released 222 of the 245 political prisoners in Nicaragua and has immediately proceeded to exile them on a plane bound for Washington. The information has been confirmed to EL PAIS by a source linked to the Joe Biden Administration.

    “The Government of Nicaragua unilaterally decided to release 222 people who had been imprisoned, including a US citizen. Some of these people have spent years in prison, many of them for exercising their fundamental freedoms, in appalling conditions and without access to due process. They are already on their way to Washington,” the same source maintains.

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    Among the banished prisoners are some of the students who were imprisoned. “Lesther Aleman and more than 200 political prisoners were released. However, they were exiled by the Ortega regime to the United States. We will continue fighting for him and everyone to recover their Nicaraguan citizenship and all his rights, ”the relatives of the university leader have communicated through their Twitter account. “Our friends have been released. They were exiled by the Sandinista dictatorship to the United States. We will continue fighting for them to recover their citizenship and all their rights,” the organization Alianza Universitaria Nicaraguense (AUN) has spread.

    This decision by the Ortega government comes two days after the Sandinista justice system disqualified “for life” from holding public office or popular election at least 14 people, including four Catholic priests and political prisoners. The Government has not confirmed the release and exile of the relatives of the political prisoners.

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    In the air register of the airport, there is the departure of a charter flight at 6.30 in the morning bound for Washington. The plane corresponds to the company Omni Air International and the flight number is OAE379. It is a Boeing 767-300 with capacity for 375 passengers. This flight will reach its final destination in approximately three hours. The fact that political prisoners are going on that flight has not been corroborated by this newspaper.

    “I want to give glory and honor to God for the miracle of freedom. I want to confirm that I am in communication with the United States Department of States. This morning through a phone call they confirmed to me that the release of political prisoners has been achieved and that they have been sent on a private flight to Washington. They will be arriving in the late morning or afternoon at Dulles airport. I hope all our relatives are there. It is a new moment for the future of our country, we hope that we will be able to have a Nicaragua for all”, said Berta Valle, wife of presidential candidate Felix Maradiaga.

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