Lifestyle The dangers of taking Mercadona tanning pills, according to a pharmacist

The dangers of taking Mercadona tanning pills, according to a pharmacist

as it usually happens Mercadona revolutionized consumers with its tan pearls. But they are not the only ones on the market. The pills that promise lengthen your tan while they take care of your skin from the effects of the sun, they abound in the pharmacy and the supermarket shelves. But should you use them?

In the case of the Valencian chain, its The Sun Pearls are a food supplement with Beta-Carotene, lutein and copper.

According to the company itself, “they prepare your skin for the action of the sun and help you achieve an intense tan.” they make it stimulating melaninthe natural pigment that protects the skin against the effects of ultraviolet rays from sunlight and is responsible for the tone of your skin.

The ingredients they include are:

  • lutein: helps prevent cell aging.
  • Omega 3: fatty acid that protects against UV radiation (does not replace sun protection creams).
  • Beta-Carotene: pro-vitamin A that stimulates the creation of melanocytes.
  • Copper: for a more unified and homogeneous pigmentation.
  • Vitamin C: promotes the formation of collagen.
  • Vitamin E: prevents cell aging.

According to the instructions you should take one capsule a day, better in the morning, being advisable to start the treatment one month before exposing yourself to the sun. It should not be ingested by children or exceed the recommended dose, since a excessive consumption can produce laxative effects.

Sun pills: what they are and what the experts say

Supplementing is in fashion. Within this current, in what is known as nutricosmeticsare relatively recent oral sun treatments. These solar pills focus on protecting the skin from the effects of the sun. They claim to limit the damage caused by ultraviolet rays and even prolong the tan.

However, it should be clear that whatever message they promise, this treatment “It’s not a substitute for sunscreen at all.” This is what Sandra Serensi, pharmacist and Skincare Beauty Coach.

The expert analyzes the Mercadona sun pills on his TikTok profile. “Do not stand in the sun, it is not good either taking or not taking these capsules,” she sums up.

Although sunlight is necessary for the production of vitamin D, its rays (specifically UVB and UVA rays) trigger various types of DNA damage, with detrimental consequences ranging from aging your skin and cell death to cancer. Probabilities that you increase when you exceed the exposure.

In general, this type of supplements focuses on formulas based on antioxidants with protective effects Against free radicals and cell damage from the sun.

However, as the Efsa (European Food Safety Authority) emphasized in 2012 and the OCU recalled in 2020, there is no scientific evidence to support these supposed beneficial effects.

“The Panel concludes that a cause-and-effect relationship has not been established between the consumption of a combination of lycopene, vitamin E, lutein and selenium and the protection of the skin against damage induced by UV rays (including photooxidative rays)”, states the European organization in this regard.

No oral treatment is completely harmless. Therefore, it is always advisable to consult a doctor or pharmacist before taking it. And of course never exceed the indicated dose.

If you want to protect yourself from the sun what dermatologists recommend is Do not forget the sunscreen, add caps and sunglasses, in addition to avoiding the central hours of the day.



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