GamingTHE CREATION AND ART OF HOGWARTS LEGACY. A look inside the world of Harry Potter, before Harry

THE CREATION AND ART OF HOGWARTS LEGACY. A look inside the world of Harry Potter, before Harry

THE CREATION AND ART OF HOGWARTS LEGACY.  A look inside the world of Harry Potter, before Harry

Publishing standard in Spain The Making and Art of Hogwarts Legacy. An art book about the new video game that contains, in addition to designs and illustrations, interviews and data never seen before

The Making and Art of Hogwarts Legacy it is meant to be a complement for fans of the world of Harry Potter, who want to know more about the creative process behind the game. It’s a look behind the scenes, delving into the game creation process. Hogwarts Legacy. It features a wealth of concept art, sketches, character and environment designs, and interviews with the game’s development team providing insight into what’s new in the world created by JK Rowling.

Some of the topics covered in the book include the creation of the 19th century wizarding world (in which the game takes place), character design, the creation of spells and magic, building the environments, and Hogwarts architecture, and much more.

All the secrets of the creation of Hogwarts Legacy

The creation of the world Hogwarts Legacy According to its developers, Warner Bros. Games and Avalanche Software have put a lot of effort into creating an authentic and detailed representation of Hogwarts and its surroundings, inspired by the Harry Potter books and the vision of JK Rowling. What they have made clear is that there is no involvement of the author in terms of the ideology of the game itself, which encourages inclusion against the statements made in various speeches by her creator.

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The designers have worked closely with the concept art team to create every single character, creature and object that will appear in the game, and this is reflected in this book that is luxuriously sized and printed so you can fully appreciate it all. the job.

The book is at first glance already a book of great beauty. The large format, the weight of the pages and the semi-gloss printing so as not to lose detail is the perfect example of the care that has been taken to create this edition. Norma has presented an art book that is interesting for fans, but that any 3D designer or digital artist will appreciate a lot. But her greatest aesthetic strength is her beautifully crafted illustrations and designs, created just for this game and never seen before.

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The game

In Hogwarts Legacy, players will have the opportunity to create their own custom character and explore the world of Hogwarts, attend classes, learn spells, and battle magical creatures. They will also be able to interact with other characters, make friends and enemies, and make decisions that will affect the plot of the game.

The plot of the game focuses on exploring and discovering hidden secrets, interacting with both friendly and hostile characters, and learning new spells and magical abilities. The development in sandbox or open world mode allows players to visit many places that were not seen in the books or movies of the saga.

All the work of Hogwarts Legacy It takes inspiration from the style and aesthetic of the Harry Potter books and movies, but also introduces a variety of new creatures and locations. Those new elements appear in The Making and Art of Hogwarts Legacy and are explained by their creators, the designers and programmers of the game. The interviews and texts are interesting whether or not you are a fan of the saga, since they serve as an example of creative work in the world of videogames and as an artistic creation from a medium such as the novel to another as different as the audiovisual and the design in 3d.

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Definitely, The Making and Art of Hogwarts Legacy is an excellent addition for any Harry Potter fan or anyone interested in the creative process behind video game development.


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