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The contributions and challenges of artificial intelligence applied to sustainability and the environment

Protagonists in matters of artificial intelligence met this Wednesday at the Second PRISA Media Artificial Intelligence (AI) Summit to discuss the impact of this technology on the protection of biodiversity, agricultural productivity, and the sustainability of Colombian cities.

The meeting, which is part of the IA Colombia initiative led by PRISA Media, Banco de Bogota and Huawei with the support of Coca-Cola, and Movistar, had among its panelists the Minister of ICT, Sandra Milena Urrutia. “Our goal is to close the existing gaps and bring closer and connect the Colombian country. We must bet on a digital transformation based on connectivity, digital security, and the strengthening of the industry”, said Urrutia in her conference The role of ICT in the sustainability of the country.

In a first panel, called Smart technologies in the protection of Colombian biodiversity, five experts discussed the problem of deforestation and the lack of dialogue between the Government and local communities, and how AI can help solve them. In the second pane, Artificial Intelligence for equity and rural productivity, Three experts discussed the failures in traditional methods used in the agricultural sector that AI can supply, helping to meet the demand for food and sustainability.

AI in sustainable urban development was the theme of the third module, in which three experts, led by Alimar Benitez, director of Intelligence for mobility in Bogota, showed the great benefits that AI can provide for monitoring air quality or managing response to disasters. They highlighted, however, that the weakness of many of these urban projects is that they work for the community, but not with it.

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