NewsLatin AmericaThe Colombian vice president rejects the conciliation with the citizen who gave her racist insults

The Colombian vice president rejects the conciliation with the citizen who gave her racist insults

Archive – The elected president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, and his vice president, Francia Marquez – Chepa Beltran/LongVisual via ZUM / DPA – Archive

The vice president of Colombia, Francia Marquez, has indicated this Wednesday that she rejects conciliation with the citizen who hurled racist insults at her because she considers that this would not serve to positively influence society.

“I am not going to make a conciliation because I actually realized that conciliating and placing him to retract does not prevent the rest of society from continuing to incur criminal behavior such as racial hatred,” Marquez said in an interview with RTVC News.

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In this way, unlike other occasions in which Marquez has chosen to reconcile with those who have insulted her, the vice president has shown her determination that the Prosecutor’s Office investigate what happened and her aggressor, identified as Luz Fabiola Rubiano, receive the weight of the law.

Marquez has shown that she is disenchanted with the previous conciliations because she considers that they have not served to put an end to hate crimes based on race. Rubiano will be charged with the crimes of discrimination and aggravated harassment.

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At the end of September, the Colombian Attorney General’s Office announced the indictment of Rubiano, of whom videos were released in which he launched racist slurs against the vice president. The citizen called Marquez “ape” and asserted that “blacks rob, rob and kill.”

“It is not possible to accept in Colombia any expression that promotes racism or that encourages any type of violation of populations that have been historically discriminated against,” Attorney General Francisco Barbosa warned at the time.

Source: Europa Press

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