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    The Colombian Moraline

    Colombia is an immoral country, but drowned in something that, although it has the name of medicine, is the perfect definition to refer to our disease: moraline.

    Due to this particular pathology, some consider that the extrajudicial executions carried out by members of the Army were not condemnable at all, but to those same people it seems appalling and outrageous that a congressman admits that he smokes marijuana every day. Others view it as acceptable for a man to get drunk and harass the women around him, but in contrast consider it unacceptable for a gay couple to kiss in a public place. There are those who lie and betray those who have generously extended their hand, but see it as something scandalous and condemnable for a person to declare himself an atheist.

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    We have plenty of morality to condemn what does not affect us, while we seem to lack enough courage to admit that many behaviors considered normal in our society are actually abominable and repugnant.

    “Will she be able to legislate if she is drugged all the time?” some wondered. “That’s why she doesn’t do anything in Congress,” others concluded. And so, like someone shelling an ear of corn, more and more prefabricated phrases began to arrive condemning that woman who made the leap from symphonic music to the dissonances of the National Capitol in the last parliamentary elections.

    I prefer the last of the expressions, the one that blames marijuana use for his inactivity in Congress. Let’s say that was true. In her defense it can be affirmed that at least she has that excuse for poor performance, because on the shores of politicians who wave the flag of morality there are many who do nothing, those who go every week to warm up for seats in Congress , earn their thirty-odd million pesos and only consume coffee. Worse yet, there are some who may not use marijuana, but are so corrupt that they won’t sign their name in support of a project or vote for an initiative if there is no monetary or in-kind incentive to fuel them. With them they are not so relentless. Morality, as his definition says, is false and trivial morality.

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    The Colombian moralist is guilty of the fact that an industry that flourishes in the world, such as cannabis, has wasted precious years in Colombia in order to develop. The Colombian morality is what makes many see Vice President Francia Marquez as more than an Afro woman, stripping her of countless personal achievements that have marked the course of her life. Morality is what keeps us paralyzed in a war against drugs that will never end and that was born as a political response by conservative governments to the liberal hippie movements of the sixties.

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    Eradicate morality can only be achieved by one path: education. A scenario where we still have many pending tasks.

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