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The Colombian Defense Minister presents the security strategy to complement the ‘total peace’

Colombian Defense Minister Ivan Velasquez presented this Friday afternoon the details of the new security strategy that seeks to complement efforts to achieve total peace. “We are not going to decline in the fulfillment of the constitutional obligations. The proposal for total peace does not mean weakness or naivety,” Velasquez said during a press conference in Medellin, accompanied by the heads of the Police and the Military Forces, and Deputy Attorney General Martha Mancera. The strongest message was that the military and police operations continue despite the Government’s announcements of advancing in its policy of total peace.

Velasquez said that the main objective of the strategy is to protect the life and peace of all Colombians, and especially the most vulnerable communities, social leaders and human rights defenders. For that he coordinates the judicial, military and police components. The military man, who has been called Plan Perseus, focuses on carrying out joint operations of the three Armed Forces against the different illegal groups. The policeman called Saint Peter Claver, is made up of 856 operations, which will be coordinated with Perseo and will have a differentiated regional approach. And the judicial investigation component, in charge of the Attorney General’s Office, consists of accompanying the operations, as Francisco Barbosa, head of the entity, explained this Thursday.

The minister clarified that it is a “strategy that has among its objectives the dismantling or dismantling of criminal organizations”, to remove their sources of financing. “For that, it is necessary to strengthen the intelligence of the State”, he said, as well as to strengthen the articulation between the operations and the judicial investigation”.

He also took up elements of the “human security” discourse that he, President Gustavo Petro and other members of the Government have repeated. For example, he recalled that the strategy seeks “a renewed relationship between the Public Force and the communities” in which the population sees the Army as its protector and it “understands that the communities are the object of protection.” He either reiterated his proposal to use military force for development, for example by building tertiary roads or irrigation districts, or running river ambulance operations.

Beyond that brief and general presentation of the upcoming strategy, the minister’s intervention focused on making the message clear that the Government does not intend to suspend security operations, it has not done so. “Seeking peace does not imply inactivity of the Public Force,” he said. “On the contrary, in this process the Armed Forces have to strengthen themselves and maximize results.”

To make this announcement concrete, the Minister and the generals announced the results obtained since Gustavo Petro became president. Velasquez reiterated that the order is that arrests prevail over deaths, and that 41 members of the ELN guerrilla have been detained in this way, and 2 have died in combat. Faced with the so-called dissidents of the extinct FARC, 61 are brought to justice, 105 captured and 5 dead; and for the so-called Clan del Golfo there are 29 deliveries, 161 captures and 4 deaths.

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