News Latin America The collapse of a mine in Durango leaves at least one dead

The collapse of a mine in Durango leaves at least one dead

An archive image of the municipality of Inde, in the Mexican state of Durango.Alonso Carreon Soto

A new collapse in a mine has once again shaken Mexico. The collapse has been registered this Thursday in the small community of Inde, with less than 5,000 inhabitants, the state Civil Protection directorate has reported. The Governor of the State of Durango, Esteban Villegas, has ordered immediate attention to the incident and the deployment of rescue brigades to help the trapped miners. At least one worker has died in the collapse, according to multiple national press reports citing government sources.

The collapse occurred in a gold mine. The preliminary hypothesis is that it happened while the miners were drilling stones with an auger, a drill-like tool used to make holes. The stones, according to the first reports collected from the scene, came on top of the workers.

“Civil Protection teams, a specialized rescue service, and priority medical care have already been deployed,” Villegas wrote on social media. A part of the emergency team has flown to Inde, a relatively remote town in the extreme north-central part of Durango, in northern Mexico. The authorities have not given a confirmed balance of injuries, although the authorities give a preliminary number of an injured miner. A team from the State Prosecutor’s Office has also traveled to Inde to investigate the collapse, according to local media and waiting for more information.

Just last August 3, another mining collapse in the northern state of Coahuila plunged the country into mourning, with a balance of 10 miners dead and whose bodies have not yet been recovered. After trying for weeks to get the workers out alive, the government of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador eventually had to admit that the recovery work will take between six and 11 months. The incident sparked outrage in Mexico, after occurring in a coal excavation plagued with irregularities and with doubts about the ownership of the exploitation concession. Late last month, the president admitted that trapped victims should be left for dead.

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