NewsLatin AmericaThe Civil Guard asks for help to identify the body of a woman found in the sea in A Coruna

The Civil Guard asks for help to identify the body of a woman found in the sea in A Coruna

The Civil Guard has asked for help to identify and name the woman whose body was found floating in the sea near the Sisargas Islands (Malpica de Bergantinos, A Coruna) on December 22 and about whom nothing is known. The armed institute has made this determination two months after some fishermen found the body of a brown-skinned woman, possibly from Latin America and between 30 and 40 years of age. The images released to seek citizen collaboration show three of the most characteristic details of the body that can contribute to her identification: a green tattoo of a marijuana leaf between the index finger and thumb of the left hand (front back) , a pierced in the navel and another ascending tribal tattoo, located in the lower back of the right front trunk.

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The armed institute provides a robot portrait of the deceased, and details that it is a woman “of South American or Central American origin”, weighing about 65 kilos and 1.69 meters tall (thin complexion), with an age between 30 and 40 years old, curly and abundant dark brown hair.

The body was found by some fishermen on December 22 floating about two miles (almost four kilometers) from the Coruna town of Malpica de Bergantinos. The deceased was wearing blue jeans and a maroon Harry Potter sweatshirt. The Civil Guard asks those who can provide clues about this woman to telephone the numbers 062; 981162824 or 981167800. The case is in the hands of the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police of A Coruna.

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