NewsWorldThe Chinese spy balloon could have entered the US by mistake, according to 'The Washington Post'

The Chinese spy balloon could have entered the US by mistake, according to ‘The Washington Post’

The diplomatic crisis that the US and China are experiencing due to the presence of a spy balloon from the Asian giant over US territory could have been due to an error, government sources from the Joe Biden government have assured ‘The Washington Post’. These sources affirm that the US is studying the possibility that China not seek to penetrate US airspace and that the trajectory that the balloon took was not intentional.

The presence of the spy balloon was recognized last Thursday, February 2, by the Pentagon, which assured that it was a Chinese high-altitude flying device and that in its trajectory it had passed over the state of Montana, which is home to a large concentration of nuclear silos.

The matter revived tensions between China – it acknowledged that the balloon was its own, but defended that it had a scientific nature – and the United States, whose Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, suspended the visit that was scheduled for that same weekend to Beijing .

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Two days later, a fighter jet shot down the balloon after it had crossed the entire continental US and was in the Atlantic, over the waters around South Carolina.

Balloons in 40 countries

Over the days, the US revealed that China maintains a program to monitor military installations with this type of device on the five continents, which affects forty countries. He also acknowledged that in recent years they have warned of the presence of these high-altitude balloons in other areas of the US, such as Guam and Hawaii, in the Pacific, or Texas and Florida, in the continental US.

China, for its part, reacted with accusations against Washington that he had located ten American balloons in recent years over his territory. It is something that the White House strongly rejected.

According to information from the ‘Post’, the US military and intelligence agencies had followed the trajectory of the balloon since it left the island of Hainan in southern China. From there they observed an easterly trajectory that took the balloon over the Guam archipelago. But instead of following that route, the balloon went unexpectedly north to the Aleutian Islands and Alaska. A front of strong winds from the south then pushed the balloon towards the state of Idaho, after crossing Canada. Later it arrived at Montana, where it was detected by civilians.

Whether or not it was accidentally trajectory, the US authorities are clear that the balloon had a spy target and that China may have used its surveillance capabilities after violating US airspace.

Biden accused of being weak on China

The presence of the balloon in the skies of the USA has had other derivatives. supposed a political crisis for Bidenwho was harassed by Republicans for taking too long to shoot down the balloon – authorities said they did not want to risk causing personal or physical harm if it did so over the ground – and for being soft on China.

But, in turn, it is impossible to separate it from the demolition of three unidentified flying objects last weekend. The US has not yet clarified the nature of these devices, which are smaller and flew at a lower altitude than the Chinese balloon, but they have made it clear that they do not believe they belong to China. According to White House security spokesman John Kirby, the “dominant theory” in US intelligence is that it is “commercial or scientific” in nature and that it is “benign.”

Given the profusion of theories that have permeated the US about the origin and nature of these objects, the White House has insisted that there are “no indications of alien or extraterrestrial activity.”


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