NewsLatin AmericaThe Chilean Government reaches an agreement with the last transporters mobilized

The Chilean Government reaches an agreement with the last transporters mobilized

Unemployment of some truckers unions is more than a week old. – AGENCIAUNO/DIEGO MARTIN

The president of the Confederation of Production and Commerce of Chile (CPC), Juan Sutil, has announced on Monday night that he has reached an agreement with the truckers who did not sign a pact with the Government on Sunday, thus avoiding In this way, they continue for more days with the mobilization of the last week.

Specifically, Sutil has indicated that the truckers from the central-south zone and from the Fuerza Norte group will go to the Ministry of Transport to seal the agreement with the Executive, as reported by ‘Bio Bio Chile’.

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“We have reached an agreement, we have reached a tripartite agreement with the authority. Now we are going in the direction of the Ministry of Transport, to sign a tripartite agreement that has been built by the transport unions, the CPC unions and of course the Government” , Sutil has indicated.

“We have reached an agreement that we cannot detail, because we are now going to the authority, which are very satisfactory agreements,” added the president of the CPC.

Meanwhile, Freddy Martinez, the leader of the truckers in the central-south zone, has indicated that the agreement is already being consulted by the bases and that all that remains is to sign it.

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“This has been built on the basis of projecting joint work, with the load generators, the truckers who have difficulty getting ahead, we are going to sign that agreement now, so we have the best energies on that agreement,” he stated. Martinez.

The Chilean government invoked the security law last Wednesday to deal with the truckers’ strike due to the interruption they carry out on the highways.

The Minister of the Interior and Security, Carolina Toha, confirmed that they had made the decision to prosecute — through the State Security Law — criminally the truckers who maintain the blockades in various parts of the country.

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The Confederation of Transportistas Fuerza del Norte of the country began an indefinite strike last Monday in protest against the high prices of fuels, as well as the insecurity on the roads, after three months ago the truckers asked the Minister of Finance to put an end to the price hike.


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