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The Chilean Congress approves the eighth extension of the state of emergency in the south of the country

File – A Venezuelan migrant shows her identity document to a Chilean army soldier in Colchane (Chile), a town located a few kilometers from Bolivia. – CONTACT PHOTO – File

The Chilean Congress has carried out this Tuesday the eighth 15-day extension of the state of emergency decreed for the South Macrozone, which includes the Region of La Araucania and the provinces of Biobio and Arauco after the increase in violence and that ends this 28 of September.

With 118 votes in favor, 20 against and two abstentions, the Chilean Chamber of Deputies has given the green light to the request of the Government of Chile, alleging that the measure is still necessary to advance in the control of violence and “the actions of the narco-terrorism”, as reported by the Chilean Parliament in a statement.

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The Chilean Executive, for its part, has detailed that it will improve the equipment of the police officers during this extension, which will last until October 13, at the same time that it has reported the acquisition of 1,200 bulletproof vests.

However, some parliamentarians have considered that stronger measures should be carried out, since the violent acts continue after seven extensions, as detailed by the Chilean Chamber of Deputies in the letter.

Specifically, the opposition has called for the acquisition of armored cars, as well as an increase in active troops and better coordination between institutions.

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All in all, now it only remains for the initiative to be ratified by the Senate for its immediate extension to materialize, allowing the strengthening of the presence of military force in the area.

On May 16, the Government of Chile decreed the application of an emergency constitutional state of exception (EECE) in the southern macrozone. Since then, the measure has been extended up to eight times.

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