LifestyleThe cheap Zara colognes that best imitate expensive perfumes to give away on Father's Day

The cheap Zara colognes that best imitate expensive perfumes to give away on Father’s Day

The cheap Zara colognes that best imitate expensive perfumes to give away on Father’s Day

As with her garments, many of which are inspired by designs from haute couture firms, the Zara’s selection of colognes has echoes of luxury brand perfumes. The pretty girl isn’t the only one who has been inspired by expensive products for her scent notes. Supermarkets such as Lidl or Mercadona also have their own equivalents.

Which can become a perfect option for those seeking gift for Father’s Day. Celebrate the love and dedication of your parent this March 19 it doesn’t have to be a waste of money.

Any detail will be welcome, like this range of Zara colognes that imitate expensive perfumes. None of them exceeds 20 euros and you can find something for all tastes, from more classic aromas to citrus, fruity and modern fragrances.

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The selection is based on the list of equivalencies made by the beauty and cosmetics blog Bdebeauty.

Seoul 532-B is equivalent to Invictus by Paco Rabanne

zara cologne seoul

Seoul hides a eau de toilette sporty and modern with notes of hazelnut, pepper and amber. It is a fragrance that has olfactory notes with echoes of the classic Invictus by Paco Rabanne.

Regarding the price, the Zara cologne costs 10.95 euros the bottle of 100 milliliters, while the original brand exceeds 40 euros.

Gourmand Leather equals Ultra Made by Jean Paul Gaultier

zara colognezara cologne

It’s about a eau de parfum which guarantees that the aroma will last on the skin a little longer. The olfactory pyramid of Gourmand Leather has an oriental air with hints of bergamot, iris and leather.

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They are reminiscent of the Ultra Made fragrance by Jean Paul Gaultier, which has a price of around 51 euros for 75 milliliters. Zara cologne costs 14.95 euros per 100 ml.

Zara Tobasco collection Intense equals 212 VIP Men

zara colognezara cologne

It’s about a fruity eau de toilette with hints of apple, black pepper and tonka bean. It is an elegant and warm fragrance that ensures that reminiscent of 212 VIP Men by Carolina Herrera.

Zara’s 100-milliliter bottle costs 14.95 euros, while the American brand is close to 50 euros.

Zara For Him is equivalent to Dior Homme

zara colognezara cologne

Zara’s For Him cologne is priced at 19.95 and has an olfactory pyramid that includes notes of bergamot, cardamom and sandalwood. Is a warm and intense fragrance with echoes of Dior Homme that is around 67 euros.

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Zara Man Gold is equivalent to Black XS by Paco Rabanne

zara colognezara cologne

Notes of lemon, cinnamon and palo santo give body to this eau de toilette woody that Zara sells for 10.95 euros. They ensure that imitates Paco Rabanne’s Black XS that is around 47 euros.

Zara Lisboa is equivalent to Aqua de Gio by Giorgio Armani

zara colognezara cologne

The scents of this Zara men’s cologne include notes of lemon, green chords, and musk. It is a fresh and citrus fragrance that resembles Aqua de Gio by Giorgio Armani.

While the Zara version costs €10.95 the bottle of 100 milliliters that of Armani is around 40 euros.


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